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FL Tron

Rating: 10.0

Votes: 6

Plays: 2.1k

About FL Tron

FL Tron is an exciting driving game developed by DAN HSU. In this game, you control a little cycle vehicle. Interestingly, every time your vehicle moves, it creates a wall. Your task is to try to outmaneuver your opponent so that he or she runs into the wall before you do.

The cycle vehicles can go up, down, left and right. Each cycle vehicle can also use the turbo 3 times with each time giving you an extra burst of speed. This is an interesting feature so try to use it effectively to overcome dangerous situations (or to create a wall right in front of your opponent).

FL Tron has 2 modes: 1 Player and 2 Players. You can invite your friends and play together on the same PC. If you play in 1 Player Mode, you will play against the computer and will have to beat 6 levels with increasing difficulty to win it all. If you play in 2 Players Mode, you will control the Jade Cycle Vehicle and your friend will control the Violet Cycle Vehicle.

Note: Your cycle vehicle will move automatically. You need to move wisely to win all the matches. I think creating the walls around your opponent is a good tactic, you can try it.

With simple gameplay and graphics, you will find relaxation and comfort playing this game. And remember, the challenges that this game brings is not simple. Good luck and have fun!

How to Play:

  • Player 1 use WASD and Player 2 use arrow keys to move.
  • Player 1 use Tab and Player 2 use Enter to activate the Turbo.

Tips and Tricks:  

  1. You can play games in full screen mode.
  2. In each match, you can use the Turbo 3 times.
  3. Each time you use the Turbo, its effects will only last for a few seconds.

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