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Cube Slam

Rating: 5.0

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About Cube Slam:

This two player game is developed by Google with modern web technologies. The peer-to-peer connections are used to send the data of the game.
“It’s a Chrome Experiment built using WebRTC, an open web technology that lets you video chat right in the browser without installing any plug-ins.” – Experiments with Google
Therefore, you can play with an AI opponent, named Bob the Bear, or invite your friends all over the world to join the game with a shared link.
You can see the gameplay is straightforward.

In each round, you must disable the shield of the bear (or your friends) and try to score goals by controlling your paddle to hit the cube.
The cube pops out of the table, and you can change its angle by pushing it from different paddle points.
Various power-ups are falling down the table like additional shields and many cubes for you to collect by hitting the central cube on them.
Note that you will start with three shields, and they must be destroyed before winning the match. The more games you complete, the harder the bear plays and the faster the cube and paddle work.
When you can defeat the computer opponents, you will master the skill in the game to challenge with your friends. Now the game is tougher and more interesting to play with real people.

How to play:

  • You can use your mouse or arrow keys to move and space to pause in Cube Slam game.

Tips and tricks:

  1. You can practice with the bear first, then play with your friend to win over them.
  2. You can use a webcam and microphone to contact your friends in the mode of 2 players.

Cube Slam Unblocked:

  1. Although playing games in schools or company is not allowed, you can access the Freegames66 gaming site to enjoy any game you want, even the Cube Slam.
  2. However, remember not to affect your time of studying or working, only join the game in your break times.


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