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Firefighters Truck 3

Rating: 5.0

Votes: 2

Plays: 1.9k

About Firefighters Truck 3:

Dear our old and new buddies, our racing fans! It’s summer again with increasing number of conflagrations found and for that reason, Firefighters Truck is opening a brand new fire station, also called as the Firefighters Truck 3! You should take a deep breath before entering the game because this will be the most difficult version out of three with more complicated maps, more vehicles and also more citizens joining the traffic!

The mini map is now one of the most useful tools you have since not every road leads you to the destination correctly! Having plan on the map will help you choose a best way, which means the shortest and easiest to drive way, to go! Firefighters Truck 3 also requires a good observation while there are many citizens walking on the street and it seems like they can cross the street any time. A crash over pedestrians means that you lose the game and have to restart the level right away!

Another thing to notice is that your truck not only has to reach the destination but also have to park in a position which was marked in yellow. Your scores are given basing on the record of your driving time and the damage you make. Be a fire hero, help saving people’s life with your professional driving skills. It’s not about the Championship, it’s about the Honor! Get through our challenges nicely by joining Firefighters Truck now!

How to play:

  • Drive the truck using WASD or arrow keys.
  • Brake by pressing SPACE bar.
  • Check the map by pressing “M”.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Notice that your record not only depends on your speed but also the safety you make.
  2. Be careful while coming into crowded area.
  3. Avoid running over pedestrians since it will finish your game.
  4. Use map to choose the best way.

Firefighters Truck 3 Unblocked:

  1. Continuing the success of two last versions, Firefighters Truck 3 Unblocked game is a brand new experience for the Firefighter gamers! You are welcomed to join our Firefighters’ team at – the house of greatest firefighters ever! Give us your hand now at Firefighters Truck 3 Unblocked!


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