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Turret Defense

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About Turret Defense:

Turret Defense is an interesting shooting game which was published by Louissi and Armor Games. The gameplay has a simple theme combined with action soundtrack, which helps to create a battlefield atmosphere. The game’s story is about a world which was conquered by your evil enemy, who has spread his army all over the world. Your mission in Turret Defense is to protect your safe zone from your enemy’s attack. They are coming toward your country with different kinds of weapon and strategy.

After starting the game, you are given an amount of cash and energy. You can use them to buy some weapons and place them along the sideway. They will automatically shoot down the enemies when they come close. Whenever an enemy is blown up, you will receive some rewarded cash to buy more weapons. But notice that weapons also require energy, so build some powerplant to produce energy and provide it to your weapons. Enemy’s weapon is getting stronger and stronger in every level, but good news for you is that the stronger enemy you defeat, the more cash you receive. Some kinds of your enemy’s tank are not only hard to explode but also be able to destroy your weapons, be careful with these ones.

Face the fight and fight like a true warrior! Turret Defense is your battlefield now!

How to play:

  • Use mouse click to perform actions.
  • Buy weapon and place them on the sideway to attack enemies.
  • Do not let too many enemies get into your zone. Your game is over when your health runs out.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Weapon is bought not only by cash but also by energy. Build powerplant to produce energy.
  2. Blowing up stronger enemies means gaining more cash.

Turret Defense Unblocked:

  1. A thrilling battle is happening now in Turret Defense Unblocked game. It can be found at – the best shooting field for warriors. Turn yourself up now at Turret Defense Unblocked game and take back your world map!

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