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SAS Zombie Assault TD

Rating: 7.5

Votes: 4

Plays: 2.9k

About SAS Zombie Assault TD:

Considered as a fantastic typical strategy gameplay, SAS Zombie Assault TD provides players a bloody zombie themed battlefield with a tricky surviving mission to finish. The gameplay includes many maps and requires players to finish the previous map to unlock the next one. Your most important mission during the game is to protect your city’s citizens by preventing starving zombies from getting out of your battlefield.

At the beginning of every map, you will be given 50 lives. Each zombie getting out of the battlefield will cost you 1 live. There are 40 waves of zombie for a single map for you to survive.Along the way in each map, you need tobuy and place weapons, soldiers and traps on the road to defeat zombies, earn money and keep buying.

For normal zombies, they will just go passing normal weapons without any attack unless the weapons are blocking their way, but they will stop and kill any soldier you placed. For some dangerous kinds of zombie, they will destroy any weapon they see. You may kill them but remember that weapons and soldiers destroyed take time to recover, so the next wave maybe a bit tricky, get ready for it by buying more or upgrading weapons left.

40 waves are definitely not easy to pass, but that’s why our citizens need a hero like you. Challenge yourself now with SAS Zombie Assault TD’s battle!

How to play:

  • Use the mouse to pick weapons and place them in the battlefield.
  • Prevent the zombies from getting out of the arena.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Place the barbed wires on the way to provide damage to the zombies. Combine them with sandbags to make traps.
  2. Place the weapons nicely from the beginning to avoid a mess later.
  3. Weapons bought can be upgraded costing some money, and also can be sold but at a cheaper price.
  4. Always be ready to use mines and frag grenades in threatened situation.

SAS Zombie Assault TD Unblocked:

  1. With an increasing number of zombies attacking the city, we are having a huge recruitment here at SAS Zombie Assault TD Unblocked game. Access, the best bloody battlefield ever for your application. Your SAS teammates are waiting for you in SAS Zombie Assault TD Unblocked!


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