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About Pirateers:

Pirateers is a thrilling tower defense game for free and to be executed without problems in all browsers. It was developed by Labu Games and was published by Armor Games.

You will play as a pirate to control the navy ships fighting, and other pirate ships, join the robbery merchant, visit the island and find the lost treasures.

Awesome game. Nice soundtrack and fun gameplay. Easy to pick up, doesn't get boring.” - armorgames

You will control ships to fight in the ocean. You use A-D to rotate the ship's direction, W-S to increase or decrease your speed or arrow keys to do the same.

Your artillery launches from both sides of your ship when using the spacebar or the mouse. The enemy's destroyed ship will drop the loot, collect by driving your ship towards it, or mousing it over.

Loot can be sold in the market to get gold used to buy special weapons (shoot with shift key) or upgrade your ships. Many different bonus tasks can be accepted using the Z-X-C-V keys, or with one click.

Situated scattered among the loot will be the map that can show the location of hidden funds or a clue to Neptune's eyes.

How to play:

  • Use AWSD or arow keys to control direction and increase or decrease the speed of the ship.
  • Use spacebar to shoot other ships
  • Use the Z-X-C-V keys to accept various bonus tasks.

Tips and tricks:

  • A quick way to advance is to accept the task to get a bonus upon completion.
  • You need to defeat enemy ships to get gold and treasures to upgrade your ship.
  • The game ends when you fight with a final boss. Attack him soon, and he will fight fast with you.

Pirateers Unblocked:

  1. Pirateers 1 is one of the free online flash games, so you can play it whenever you are connected to the Internet.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How to beat the boss?
  2. Here is the walkthrough for you. The boss is hard to kill because you need 1/2 - 3/4 HP (Heart Point) when the sentinels are down. Then, you spam at the boss until he goes down.
  3. What is the difference between the cargo and the loot box?
  4. You get the cargo to sell when the day ends. The stuff of the loot box disappears when the day ends. The loot box is useful for holding loot that you move to cargo later and you can open to transfer items.


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