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Orcs vs Humans

Rating: 10.0

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Plays: 1.6k

About Orcs vs Humans:

“The more you play, the better brain you own”, that sentence is perfect to describe the benefit of the game Orcs vs Humans. Produced and published by Game Top, Orcs vs Humans is a Town defense, Strategy, One player, and web game that you can play on your modern web browsers. The game brings you to the medieval world with castle, tower and even more.

You will take the role of protecting your kingdom from the nasty Orcs, the creatures that is described as green monster with huge tusk. These Orcs are trying t tae over your kingdom. Now, it’s up to you to kill them and save your own kingdom! In the game, you will have to build towers, they will help you attack the coming Orcs. You will see the green circle surrounds the tower you build. This green circle will show you the fire range of the tower.

The monsters will come in waves, as you can see there is a ‘wave count” on the upper right corner of the screen, where you can check up on how many waves of enemies have arrived so you can prepare for the best attacks. The castle that you need to protect only has a limited lives. Each time a monster gets in the castle, it will lose a life. If you let 10 enemies come in the castle, your game will soon be over.

Orcs vs Humans rewards you will gold after each time you kill an enemy. The more coins you earn, the better tower you build. Orcs vs Humans will complete your day with perfect storyline and exciting gameplay.

How to play:

  • Click on the type of tower you want to built then tap on the location where you want to build the tower. Click on a tower to sale it or buy an upgrade.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Try to build in the long distance, to let the towers be too close to each other.

Orcs vs Humans Unblocked:

  1. If you are interested in Orcs vs Humans, you will love to play the unblocked version of Orcs vs Humans on

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