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Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Rating: 8.7

Votes: 76

Plays: 7.4k

About Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is the sequel to this tower defense series of games. Compared to the first game, this one has more investments in it with many new features and comes with it many new challenges that are even more difficult than before. When you start the game, you’ll know of your objective through a clip presenting you with the game’s story. Similar to the first game, you’ll be using gold to build towers in order to defeat the enemies and get more gold. But the interesting new feature in this sequel is that there are now Heroes to control. They’re generals that do higher damage than regular soldiers and can be moved to the desired location to help defeat the waves of enemies. After each stage, your Heroes level up and gets skill points which are used to increase your Heroes' stats. Also after clearing a certain number of stages, you’ll unlock more Heroes with different designs, skills and stats.

The highlights in Kingdom Rush Frontiers

  • 3 difficulty settings for players to choose from : Normal – Hard – Very Hard
  • The new Heroes system which includes 9 Heroes with 6 only being playable online.
  • 36 upgrades for the towers and the support skills. Use the stars given when completing each stage to upgrade everything all the way.
  • 20 types of towers with different powers and traits.
  • 41 types of enemies with different strengths and weaknesses.
  • 72 achievements for you to get.
  • 2 harder modes that can be unlocked if you pass a stage with 3 stars.

If you’re having trouble with a stage, hit the Walkthrough button to see how to beat the stage.

If you have cleared through every stage in Kingdom Rush Frontiers, then continue your experience by playing the first game in this tower defense series titled “Kingdom Rush”.

How To Play

Use the mouse to place the towers.

Tips and Tricks

  1. You can sell towers to build better ones at the desired location.
  2. See the traits of the enemies in each wave and build the appropriate towers.
  3. Use support skills such as dropping reinforcements and raining meteors whenever you can as those have cooldown times as well.
  4. Upgrade your towers whenever possible.
  5. Level up and upgrade the Heroes’ skills to make them stronger.

Use your Heroes appropriately in each stage.


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