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Tank Wars Arena

Rating: 10.0

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About Tank Wars Arena:

Created by Mariyan & Ivelina, Tank Wars Arena is a Strategy video game with Shooting, Tower Defense and Tank elements. The game supports you to play in both one and two player mode. You can also select a level of difficulty among Easy, Hard and Boss.  The main goal of the video game is to keep the base safe and destroy all the enemies to clear the level.

You will have three lives in each level. If you are shot by an enemy tank, you will lose one life. There are numbers of tanks in each level. With just one shot, you will be able to take one tank down. After each time one tank is taken down, another tank will be brought to the playground. The game world of Tank Wars Arena is built with bricks and stones. You can easily break the wall of bricks down, but it is not the same for the walls of stone.

In Tank Wars Arena, you will be amazed at how wonderful the classic graphics look. You will feel like you were playing a classic game using a back in time game console. Now with HTML-5, you will be able to play Tank Wars Arena on any modern web browser. How amazing, right? Even more, the gameplay of Tank Wars Arena will be super exciting if you notice the background sounds while playing the game. Everything is just right perfect when it comes to Tank Wars Arena. Check it out now!

How to play:

  1. To move, use these buttons:
  2. A – Left button: move left.
  3. S – Down button: move down.
  4. W – Up button: move up.
  5. D – Right button: move right.
  6. To shoot, use the Space bar.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Invite your friends to come and play with you in the 2 players mode so the game will be more fun.
  2. Do not shoot the flame at the bottom of the screen, which is covered by bricks. If you do this, your game will end immediately.

Tank Wars Arena Unblocked:

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