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Tank Trouble

Rating: 8.0

Votes: 1,377

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About game

Tank Trouble is an interesting tank shooter game that was created by Danish Mads Purup. With addictive gameplay and simple graphics, this is a maze party game that allows 1-3 players to play together on one computer. The main objective of players to destroy all other tanks on the map to get points and achievement of the game. With this core feature as well as its addictive gameplay, tank trouble is a great game to play and enjoy with some friends at the break time. Now, let's find out more detail about this interesting game with some main section below!


In this game, players will control a tank which is equipped with so powerful weapons such as Laser, Gatling gun, Booby traps, etc. Their main mission is to destroy all other tanks the map by shooting down them. The special thing is that the game takes place in various maze maps. Besides that, when you shot bullets on the wall, they will bounce off continuously until it hits a tank or the match is over. This is really a big challenge of this game because you totally can kill yourself if can't avoid the bullet in time. This happens even right when all other tanks on the map are destroyed and you think that you're the winner.

In addition, there are some special ammo tiles will appear on the map that when run over will let you that specific type of ammo. You should take advantage of these special ammo tiles because they are so powerful and can help you destroy other tanks easier.


There are three modes in this game including play with Laika, 2 players and three players modes.

In play with Laika mode, you will compete directly with Laika - a dog and NPC of this game. Although Laika is just an NPC dog, her level skill is so high. This means it is very difficult to defeat her. However, if you can kill her many times, you will receive the reward worthy of your effort. The detail information about rewards will be revealed in the next section of this article, now, let's continue with this mode. Play with Laika is a mode for only one player. This means when you are alone and still want to enjoy this game, play with Laika is a great choice for you.

2 Players mode: This mode allows players and their another friend to play together on one computer. They will compete together to find out the winner.

3 Players mode: This mode is for three players. They will play together on one computer and try to defeat all other ones to become the winner. This mode is considered more difficult than the 2 Players mode.


As mentioned above, there are several kinds of weapons in this game and they are so powerful.

The term "Weapons" in Tank Trouble refers to the additional power-ups that gradually appear on the battlefield for you to equip. (Source: Wiki)

Each of them has its own unique abilities and drawbacks. And if you know detail about them, you will be able to take advantage to become the winner. Now, let's learn detail about them!




Gatling Gun


This weapon fires lots of tiny bullets out with breakneck speed. These bullets will bounce around at random and people can't measure their direction. Its advantage is able to be unequipped by pressing the fire button continuously without actually firing the weapon. However, this weapon has to charge up for approximately 1 second. So, in close quarters, it isn't a great weapon to choose.

Booby Trap



Different from other power-ups in tank trouble, this weapon doesn't actually shoot something. Instead of that, it will lay a land-mine over the area immediately behind that tank that uses it and makes it become invisible. Like its name, this power-up is a trap and when another tank drives over the land-mine, it will reappear and explode immediately like a frag bomb. If the tank discovers a booby trap and stays immobile quickly enough, this trap will not explode. However, any movement will make them end up exploding with it.




This is a really powerful weapon because it allows players to aim and shoot at the same time. When owning this weapon, there is a dotted line will emerge from the barrel of your tank. This dotted line helps you to trace the path of the bullet when fired. When you have fired it, the line will become solid and continue out. It will destroy any tank in its way and only stop when having a tank has been hit or it's range has been met.

Death Ray



Death Ray is rated as the most effective weapon, however, it still has drawbacks. Similar to Gatling gun, it needs to charge up when activated. The time for this activity is even longer and takes approximately 2 seconds to fire. In addition, you also can not move during the entire process of using it. This means when the target is close and the aim is slightly off, using Death Ray isn't a wise choice. However, we can't deny its power. After charging, the tank will shoot out an extremely powerful brightly colored energy beam in the direction that the tank is pointing. This energy will pass right through walls and come toward your target. It can destroy lots of tanks in only one shot and will only stop when hitting the outer wall. Very powerful, isn't it?

RC Missile



With people who are so skillful in using keyboard, this weapon is quite effective. It fires only a single missile and allows players to guide its direction using the standard controls. When the bullet hits the wall, it still bounces off. However, its main drawback is that when you use it and shot anyone, you can't move your tank until the timed out or it hit a tank.

Homing Missile



This weapon bounces around in a similar way to RC missile at the first fired. However, after shooting a few seconds, its smoke will turn from normally grey color to the color of the nearest tank. Players just should use it when they are near an enemy tank to avoid the missile hitting themselves.

Frag bomb



The bullet of this weapon is a bit bigger than other ones and it only fires a single bullet for each shot. When the bullet hit a tank, it will explode and send its shards everywhere like Boody Trap.




Players will find this weapon in the Tank Trouble Beta. When fired, there are lots of tiny bullets fly out and spread in the direction that the tank is facing. When they hit the wall, they are also able to bounce off and disappear after 2-3 seconds. It can say that shotgun is a double-edged sword. The reason is that it's able to be very effective against lots of other players in the open area. However, it's also able to make both you and your opponents if in small areas.


Achievement is also a core feature of this game and it appears in both original and beta versions. They are the rewards for players when they complete a certain task. The achievement in this game is represented by the image of a trophy and players can access theirs in the Garage and under their tank. There are various achievements and they are listed on the board below.

In original version



How to get

Hallowed Be Thy Name


In order to get this achievement, you must come around for Halloween and pick up new swag.

Put Her Down

"No Pets Allowed" Flag

Kill Laika 10 times in a row without dying any time.

Apprentice of Destruction

Red Bandana

Destroy 100 tanks in any mode

Of Mice and Men

Mouse Ears

Participate in 3-player mode, using mouse and get 100 victories.

Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?

Red Hood

Did she fire four or five bullets?

Never Saw It Coming

Laika's Dog Tags

Participate in Play with Laika mode and zap Laika with a direct laser hit!

Suit Up

Gas Mask

Be suited for a crisis.

Old Dog

Skull and Crossbones

Hang around for more than one year.

Master of Destruction

Pirate Hat

Destroy at least 1000 tanks in any mode.

Lord of Destruction

Pirate Flag

Destroy 10000 tanks

Advocate of Destruction

Aviator Sunglasses

In order to get this reward, you must get 10 friends to sign up using "Tell a Friend".

Doggy Bag

Golden Dog Bone

Join Play with Laika mode and kill this dog 25 times in a row without dying.

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall


Who's the fairest of them all?

Elite Hackers' Society


Unlock all 16 secret backdoors of this game.

In beta version

Lucky Shot

Four Leaf Clover


In order to get this reward, you must destroy a tank with a bullet that has bounced at least 13 times.

The Training Wheels are Off

Bang! Flag


You must destroy 10 tanks

Stone Cold Killer

Aviator Sunglasses

You must destroy 100 tanks


Peace Sign Flag

You must win 10 rounds without firing any shot

Hello World

Speech Bubble

Your first forum post must be approved.



Be an active contributor to the forum.

How to play?

With each player, they use the different button to control the game.

Player 1 will use the buttons E-S-D-F to move the tank and button Q to shoot.

Player 2 use arrow keys to move and button Q to shoot.

And the player 3 use the mouse to move, left mouse to shoot.

Tips and tricks

Try to grab the special bullets when they appear.

Until the match ends, dodge the bullets even you defeat all of your opponents.

Estimate the direction of the bullet before shooting to make sure that you won't kill yourself.

In case you are in a narrow corridor and there is a bullet is traveling towards you, let's push up against the wall on either side to avoid the bullet.

When the bullet hits a corner, it then will travel in the opposite direction. So, let's consider about this before aim any target.

In addition, there are lots of other tips and guide how to solve in lots of situation that we think they are too difficult. You can see them here

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Laika in tank trouble

Laika is a Russian automated space dog and an NPC in this game. She has been trained to a very high level, so, it is very difficult to defeat her.

How to play tank trouble online?

You can't play this game online. You are just able to play this game with your friends on one computer with different controls.


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