Swords and Souls OVERVIEW

Swords and Souls

Rating: 91 of 100

Votes: 497

Plays: 14,192

About Swords and Souls

Swords and Souls is a casual type game but with many unique features. Your mission is to defeat your opponents in the Arena, from village guards, nasty goblins to incredibly powerful bosses.

If you are to be defeated in the Arena because you’re not strong enough, don’t worry cause in “Swords and Souls” there’s a “Training” feature that lets you train in the training room to help increase your strength, block, accuracy, dodge stats and your own skills. Try training as much as you can and get as many perfects as you can, the training room will give you gold stars as well as lucky clovers to trade for items that are very valuable in battle.

The Shop will provide you with more powerful equipment that you can buy with coins which you get from beating opponents in the Arena. Try to defeat as many opponents as possible and add them to the Gallery in the Museum.

Swords and Souls is truly an interesting game for people who are passionate about conquering challenges, desiring to defeat all the enemies and even the ferocious bosses, and there are over 30 achievements in the game waiting for you to get.

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Tips and Tricks

  1. Save your game every time you finish training and have gotten new achievements.
  2. Use your skills and items effectively in the Arena because they have a cooldown time.
  3. You can turn the music on/off and press replay/pause/exit on the game screen.
  4. Train as much as you can in the training room to help you grow stronger.

Swords and Souls Walkthrough:

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