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Amateur Surgeon 2

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About Amateur Surgeon 2:

Amateur Surgeon 2 is the sequel to this great arcade game series, developed by Adult Swim Games. Welcome back to the exciting Amateur Surgeon series. 51 years after the events of Amateur Surgeon, the president once again had his life saved by the man he hated more than any other - Alan Probe. In return, he was made to promise that he would re-open every "Bleed Everywhere" hospital that he had closed when he came into power. The president revealed himself to be none other than Alan's very own grandson. Alan had his beloved hospital restored to him, the hospital that he and his friend/ mentor Dr. Bleed had built together. Now, you will continue to help Alan complete his surgical duties.

Amateur Surgeon 2 has 9 levels, with each level being one of Alan's patients. The first patient is Tommy, an old man. You will continue the routine work of a surgeon, which includes cutting along the dotted line to get to the heart, lungs or stomach, using tongs to drag out the glass, using staples to fix a big cut and using fire to burn the cut shut.

Note that you need to complete your missions as fast as possible as the patient’s life signs will decrease over time. If the patient's heart rate drops to zero, you’ll lose the game. After completing a level, you will receive stars. You can use the stars to upgrade your tools. Good luck and have fun!

How to Play:           

  • Use the mouse to control in the game.

Tips and Tricks:      

  1. Every time you do something imprecisely, your patient’s heart rate decreases.
  2. Small cuts don’t need stitches as you can just use the lighter.

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