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About WarLight:

No blood, no sword, and no gun, WarLight is here to bring out a fantastic strategic action game. Despite of its name, WarLight includes no thrilling battle in the playing rules. Although the game’s goal requires players to conquer the world map by making battle against their opponents, players in WarLight will actually feel as playing a brain game with others.

The game’s main rule is to deploy then send armies from your country to countries which are next to you to conquer them. Of course, the success of each battle depends on the strength of armies, requiring your strong strategic planning skills. The gameplay provides to players 2 main game modes, which are Single-player and Multi-player. In the Single-player mode, you will join matches with computer players. The mode includes many levels from easy ones to hard ones. The harder they are, the more complicated features they have such as more players competing in one match, the fog weather making players unable to see the whole map clearly, etc. The Multi-player mode is such an online game mode in which you can compete with other players in the world. You are able to level up yourself and get on top of world’s leaderboard, unlock more interesting feature in matches.

Wanna know how addictive it is? Try WarLight now and be the world’s master!

How to play:

  • WarLight is totally controlled by mouse.
  • Try to defeat these opponents and conquer your world map as soon as possible.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Higher levels help you unlock more awesome feature when creating the game, not making you stronger in one match. It means that every player has an equal chance to win the game, no matter which level you are in.
  2. You can delete the attack order by setting the armies to Zero.
  3. You can zoom in or zoom out the map to have a better map view.

WarLight Unblocked

  1. The ultimate battle - WarLight Unblocked game is ready for the fight at, the wonderland for the strategic lovers. Work the battles out now in WarLight Unblocked!


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