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Sonny 1

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About Sonny 1:

Developed by Krin Juangbhanich, David Orr, Andrew Dennis, Martijn Vranken and Philipp Knothe, Sonny 1 is an Action video game which brings in Fighting, Turn-based and even Strategy elements. The game allows you to save your progress in case you want to get back to where you leave later. The lobby of Sonny 1 contains four different Slots, which means you are able to start and save your progress in any of them.

If you are expecting something aggressive and extreme, then you are at the right place since you will be put into the role of a specific kind of Fighter such as Destroyer, Guardian, Assassin and Gunslinger in the game. Each kind has its special abilities and skills that can actually help you while you are struggling to survive in Sonny 1.

The battles in Sonny 1 will requires you to take turn in order to fight off your enemies. You have to wait for the ring lying at the bottom of the screen to turn to blue, then make all your efforts to tap on your target and hit him hard. Keep an eye on the energy bars positioned at the top of the screen to make sure that you have enough energy left to survive until your enemy is completely taken down. Your character’s experience will be increased from battle to battle and so is yours. With all of that elements, Sonny 1 is worth your attention, why don’t you switch to it now?

How to play:

  • Use the computer mouse to click and point in order to make your move in Sonny.
  • Use the keyboard to enter your name.

Tips and tricks:

  1. If you game doesn’t serve you the way you deserve, you should try to turn down the Graphics and effects in the Settings.
  2. If you don’t want to lose your progress without knowing about it, try to turn the Autosave on and your game will be auto saved when you press ‘Proceed’ after winning a battle.

Sonny 1 Unblocked:

  1. Looking for Sonny 1 Unblocked? Let’s head to and taste whatever you want! Trust us, the experiences at can be found at nowhere!


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