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Shadez 3

Rating: 10.0

Votes: 2

Plays: 1.8k

About Shadez 3:

Shadez 3 is the third installment in the series, developed by SEANCOOPER GAMES. If you're a fan of strategy games, I'm sure you'll like shadez 3. This game inherits the essence of the previous sections, plus some other interesting update features. Let's learn about this game!

First, you need to get acquainted with buildings and troops. When you start the game with the first level, you will see basic buildings, such as HQ, Refinery and Factory. Each building has its own functions. HQ allows you to build the Power Structure, Refinery, Radar and Factory. Refinery allows you to purchase Ore Trans (mining resources to earn the money). Factory allows you to buy Heavy Tank.

This game has many levels, each level is a challenge for you. To complete a level, you need to destroy all the enemies' buildings and their HQ. You need to pay attention to the mini-map. With mini-map, you can know the locations of their enemies and their troops. Minerals are also important because they will generate income.

To defeat the enemy, you need the right tactics. You can sell your buildings and your troops to get the money in case of emergency. And you can also repair them. After completing a level, you will have skill-points. You can use skill-points to upgrade. You can upgrade your buildings, your troops, your vehicles, your aircrafts, your collectors and refineries.

When you play at higher levels, your enemies will be stronger. So, upgrade as soon as you can. Remember, choose your upgrades wisely because it will directly affect your battle. If you fail, do not worry, you can click the Retry button and play again. Good luck and have fun!

How to Play:

  • Use arrow keys to scroll the landscape all in directions.
  • Use P to pause the game.
  • Use F to run the game faster.
  • Use Z to toggle the zoom.
  • Use mouse wheel to zoom the landscape in and out.
  • Use ESCAPE to cancel the selection.

Tips and Tricks:  

  1. You need to pay attention to the terrain. Choose locations that are good for your troops.
  2. When you have enough money to upgrade, think carefully. If you want to upgrade a unit, consider between the cost and its effect.
  3. You can double-click one unit to choose all units of the same type.
  4. Depending on the mission, buy units that match your tactics. Do not waste your money on useless units.

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