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Shadez 2: battle for earth

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Shadez 2: battle for earth

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About Shadez 2: battle for earth:

It is great when Sean Cooper Games develop the new Shadez 2: Battle for Earth game. This strategy game is published by Crazy Monkey Games. It has a wiki page for more information.

In the game, you will control mercenary forces of military units to eliminate the enemy's presence on the planet Earth and save all men, women, children and bunny rabbit.

Enemies are a race of machines destroying all life on Earth. They devastate the planet, and you have to defeat them.

Your walkthrough is here. You have access to a number of ground units, including infantry with guns and rocket launchers, and covert ops experts.

Lightweight and heavy tanks, APC and mobile missile launchers are also available for you. You will control the Apache, Blackhawks and Chinook as well as the Tomahawk and Patriot missile attacks, battleships, and more.

The main resource you will collect is the ore used to build units and call strikes. You have to build power plants to keep things running.

As you proceed through the campaign tasks, you slowly unlock units that can be used in future missions or you should decide to return to a previous mission that you have played.

You can upgrade units by using the experience points that you collect after completing successful missions. There are six levels for each unit, and each level increases the effectiveness of that unit.

How to play:

  • You will use your mouse or arrow keys to control the game.

Tips and tricks:

  1. If you want to access the full game, you have to buy MochiCoins.
  2. You can also call in a "Broken Arrow" to give you every attack at the same time in one area when things become desperate.
  3. When hitting some of the later campaign tasks, you will need units that have been upgraded significantly.
  4. You can purchase Expert Mode to unlock all units and upgrade them to level six and access to advanced configuration of the skirmish missions.

Shadez 2 Battle for Earth Unblocked:

  1. When you are at school or company, you can’t access the gaming site because they are blocked. However, if you choose the Freegames66 site, you can play Shadez 2 Battle for Earth totally free in a full screen.


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