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Min Hero

Rating: 10.0

Votes: 5

Plays: 1.8k

About Min Hero

Min Hero is a great adventure game developed by Brett Betz. This is a great game that will bring you to a beautiful world. The world of Min Hero is a magical world. Here you will find strange creatures and wonders. In Min Hero, you are a minion trainer. Your mission is to explore the mystical world and become the greatest minion trainer.

Before starting the game, you will enter your name and your gender. Then you will appear in a tunnel with impressive statues. At the end of the tunnel is a door. After entering the door, you will appear in a forest. Here, you meet Grand Sage and you need to defeat him to continue your journey (become a Grand Sage and train Titans). First, you need to have "the six Sage Seals".

After talking to Grand Sage, he gives you 3 options on how to get your minions: Rescue them, They were a gift and I’m not telling you. Please choose a response you like, any answer. Your first mission is to defeat all three students for their keys. The battle in Min Hero is turn-based battle, minions on the left are yours and on the right are your opponents. Remember: Each minion has different skills.

In the battle, you can select the skill and select your opponent to attack. So, you need the right tactics to defeat the enemy. After winning a battle, you will have gold coins and your minion will have EXP. Min Hero still have many other mysteries that I will let you discover them by yourself. Good luck and have fun!

How to Play:             

  • Use mouse to control in Min Hero.

Tips and Tricks:          

  1. You can play Min Hero in full screen mode.
  2. Turn order is based on how much speed a minion has.
  3. After defeating a student, you can replay for exp.


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