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About Marble:

In this strategy game, your only task is to absorb other marbles that are smaller than you to get bigger size.

First, set you nickname, choose marble and floor you want before starting the match. There is a variety of beautiful marbles for you to choose.

There are also up to 9 floors with different color and pattern, which partly influence your the game you are going to play. Start as a tiny marble, try to dodge bigger ones and catch other smaller marbles to get bigger in size.

In each room, there are up to 50 players with a variety of different size that move in all directions. The marbles with yellow name under them are other players’. Be careful not to be absorbed by them.

There are some marbles standing still that you can easily. However, avoid being caught and absorbed by bigger moving marbles by dodging, running away from them.

How to Play:

  • Use W S D A or direction keys to move.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Avoid choosing a contrast in color between your ball and the floor so that you won’t draw too much attention of the opponents.
  2. Try to absorb the smaller motionless marbles instead of catching smaller but moving ones.

Marble Unblocked:

  1. Strategy game like Marble is very enjoyable and addictive. The game promises to give players hours of enjoyment. Give it a try and you won’t disappoint!
  2. For those who are worry about blocking issue, Marble is now available with its unblocked version on our gaming site. Come visit our site and have great experience with this amazing strategy game!

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