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Jelly Go

Rating: 10.0

Votes: 4

Plays: 4.4k

About Jelly Go

The life of poor jellies is in your hand, guys. Will you be ready to help them? If yes, please land on Jelly Go now.

In this game, you will become a LEADER and guide an army of jellies to prevent and capture the enemy buildings in order to protect the jelly kingdom. And this is a long battle since you have to overcome 75 levels from normal to hard.

But, don’t worry too much since some basic information will be shown in the first stages so that you can understand what you must do.

Take a look at both jellies (green and red) on the screen, first. Please determine that you are BLUE and the enemy is RED. Then observe certain numbers on their bodies. They display the number of jellies in a building. To capture the enemy building, make sure your building has the larger number. For instance, you have 26 while the enemy has 10. That means you need to send more than 10 jellies towards the enemy. And if the enemy building turns BLUE, you win.

As the game develops, you will discover some neutral buildings. They don’t belong to anyone. Therefore, you need to capture as many as possible. And then, utilize all to attack the enemy building at the same time. Got it?

In addition, Jelly Go provides a variety of other buildings, including

  • Barrack – It’s considered as the most important building because it helps to produce the jellies. And if you upgrade this building’s level, more and more jellies will be generated.
  • Fort – Use this defensive building to fire on the enemy’s jellies within ranges. Similar to the Barrack, just improve the Fort and then you can increase its firing range.
  • Lab – This special building allows to produce three kinds of awesome weapons including Freeze, Capture, and Impact.
  • House – This building can be transformed into Lab, Barrack or Fort depending on your desire.

Learn carefully and then avail these buildings for capturing the enemy’s buildings successfully. Of course, you have to work out and combine the buildings together to create the strongest army.

No time for waiting! Play Jelly Go now!

How to control

  • The mouse is to interact with the game.
  • Spacebar is to choose all the buildings.
  • Double-click is to send the jellies from the chosen buildings to the enemy.

Tips and tricks

  1. Observe a colorful bar at the bottom to know the total number of your jellies and the enemies.
  2. The Lab and Fort need to be supported each other.


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