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Five Nations

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About Five Nations:

Five Nations is a real-time strategy game for PC platforms and Browser. During the expansion of the solar system, a group of pioneers discovered a wormhole that led to an unknown monopoly of the galaxy. You will be a commander of one of the five largest galactic empires in the far future. Let's develop your space departments, mining stations, factories, power plants, and research centers.

You need to produce an enormous armada of spacecraft to face and defeat your rivals by applying shrewd tactics to exceed their fleets. This game is quite complex and includes many different commands that you can perform your task. Please observe and follow the commands that appear on the screen to be able to quickly conquer this game.

The context of the game is designed with outer space extremely mysterious and interesting. The sound of the game is also designed extremely professionally and vividly, giving players a supernatural and attractive feeling. Play and experience this game!

How to play:

  • Use the mouse to control and move objects on the screen as well as follow the commands given by the game.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Watch carefully and follow the commands that appear on the screen to be able to quickly complete your game and achieve the highest results.
  2. Practice and get used to game manipulation to quickly master this game.

Five Nations Unblocked:

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