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Epic War 5

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About Epic War 5

Epic War 5 is the 5th part of this strategy series, developed by Rudy Sudarto and his team. In Epic War 5, your mission is to lead your army and kill all the enemies in the battlefield. So you need a proper tactic to defeat your opponent. Epic War 5 has many levels, each level is a fierce battle. Note that there is always a Boss at each level, and you must be careful of the Boss because it is very strong.

Before starting the game, you will select your Hero. Epic War 5 gives you 3 Heroes: Viegraf the Red, Queen Etherica and Skull Knight. Each hero has different strengths and weaknesses. On the battlefield, you can click a hero or unit icon in formation bar and then click a location on the map to order them to move to that location. If your hero or unit have some skills, when you click on their portrait the skill icon will appear on top of the formation bar.

At formation page, you can manage your hero and units. When you select a hero or unit icon, you have three options to select: Equip/Remove, Accessories and Skills. The victory condition of each level is to defeat your entire enemy and the Boss. If your hero got killed you will lose the level, so pay attention to your hero’s health bar and his (or her) position on the map.

After winning a battle, maybe you will unlock new units and new accessory for your hero. You also have experience points to improve your hero’s capabilities. Besides, Epic War 5 has 10 achievements waiting for you to conquer. Good luck and have fun!

How to Play:             

  • Use mouse to control in Epic War 5.

Tips and Tricks:     

  1. You can select multiple units by clicking on each icon one by one.
  2. You can press C to select all units except your hero, and press V to select everyone.
  3. When your hero or units hold an accessory, a gem icon will appear at their portraits.

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