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Strategy Games

Strategy games on Freegames66: We have created a list of the best Strategy games for you here. We have thousands of exciting Strategy games! You just have to choose one of our Strategy games and have fun!

New Strategy Games

Stick War

88 % Liked 16.5k Plays

Stick War 2

83 % Liked 16.4k Plays

StrikeForce Kitty: Last Stand

94 % Liked 3.1k Plays

Civilizations Wars Master Edition

100 % Liked 1.0k Plays


100 % Liked 663 Plays

House Of Wolves

100 % Liked 2.0k Plays

Pandemic 2

100 % Liked 1.6k Plays

Shadez 2: battle for earth

100 % Liked 598 Plays

Forge of Empires

100 % Liked 383 Plays

Warlords: Heroes

100 % Liked 1.2k Plays

Blob Wars

33 % Liked 897 Plays

Pixel Legions

100 % Liked 691 Plays


0 % Liked 420 Plays

Rebuild 2

100 % Liked 732 Plays

Feudal Wars

67 % Liked 1.2k Plays

My Kingdom For The Princess

100 % Liked 694 Plays

School Wars

100 % Liked 465 Plays

Legend Of The Void

100 % Liked 1.2k Plays

Warlords: Epic Conflict

67 % Liked 1.0k Plays

Creeper World Training

50 % Liked 344 Plays

Warlords: Call to Arms

100 % Liked 994 Plays

Shadez 3

100 % Liked 1.1k Plays

Bot Arena 2

50 % Liked 483 Plays

Command Ant Conquer

86 % Liked 2.6k Plays

Strategy Games on Freegames66

You love Strategy game style? Don't go anywhere, at this site we have tons of games to serve your favourite. Here we have searched and collected the 92 best Strategy games for you. All of them are online games and they are totally free. You can play these Strategy games on both mobile and PC. Some of them are available on Google Play and App Store for Android and iOS devices as well as tablets.

We are showing you the games from 1 to 24 including Stick War, Stick War 2, StrikeForce Kitty: Last Stand, Civilizations Wars Master Edition, Rhino and we still have 68 other Strategy games that are waiting for you to explore.

Top 5 Strategy Games

  • Stick War

    Stick War is a real-time strategy game. Strategize carefully in order to build the mightiest empire and defeat all your enemies. Join now!

  • Stick War 2

    Stick War 2 is the sequel to this real-time strategy game series and adds new classes with unique skills. Defeat enemy and build the mightiest empire! Play now!

  • StrikeForce Kitty: Last Stand

    StrikeForce Kitty: Last Stand is an interesting action game. Experience this game, upgrade cats, destroy all enemies and protect the beautiful cat kingdom.

  • Civilizations Wars Master Edition

    Civilizations Wars Master Edition is an interesting strategy game. You will have a base. Your base will automatically send out soldiers and you can use your troops to collect buildings on the map. You need to collect all buildings (including enemy bases) to complete the level. Play now!

  • Rhino

    Rhino is an interesting strategy game. In this game you control a Rhino. You will fight with your opponents in turn-based battles. Your task is to knock down your opponent as fast as you can and win all the battles. You have many opponents, each one is a challenge for you. Play now!

Rating of the players for Strategy games

According to the information that we've collected, Strategy games are the favorite ones of over 541 players on Freegames66. These games have received over 128,434 plays and a rating of 8.5/10 from 634 votes.