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PLAY NOW Stickman War
Stickman War

Rating: 10.0

Votes: 2

Plays: 583

About Stickman War:

Stickman War is an extremely interesting and fascinating shooting game. In this game, the Stickmen will constantly appear on the screen, and your mission is to destroy them. Your weapon is a gun with up to 12 bullets. After each shot, you will be automatically reloaded to prepare for the next attack. However, if there are too many enemies appearing at the same time, you will have to shoot continuously.

So, if you waste bullets, they will not be able to reload, and you can easily belong to the loser. This game has all 25 levels for you to conquer. The levels will be arranged in order from easy to difficult. The difficulty will be marked by the number of enemies, their running speed, and how to distribute obstacles in each level.

The higher the level, the more the player's quickness in aiming and destroying the enemy. Therefore, you will have to be skillful and agile to conquer all these levels. The game's graphics are designed with identical black enemies running continuously on the screen. The sound of this game is intended to be lively and create a sense of excitement for players. Let's play and experience!

How to play:

  • The only operation is to use the mouse to click on the object you want to shoot. So easy!

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Please adjust the firing rate and the reload ability of each level to avoid running out of ammunition when the enemy is still attacking.
  2. Let's practice and get familiar with game manipulation to conquer all levels of this game!

Stickman War Unblocked:

  1. Stickman War Unblocked can now be found easily at online gaming website websites. However, most of these websites will require you to pay fees to experience the games. If you are concerned about financial issues, please go to immediately to be able to participate in the game without having to worry about any costs. Join now to have the best moments of entertainment!

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