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Lightning Pool 2

Rating: 10.0

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About Lightning Pool 2:

If you are looking for an engaging Sport game, Lightning Pool 2 is the right choice for you today. Developed by 3rdsense, the game is well-served on the web platform which helps you to play it as long as you have the internet with you. In Lighting Pool 2, you are able to select the level you want to play before you start the game.

The game serves bunch of interesting levels such as Pot the Lot, Frightening Lighting, Target Practice, Boba’s Bain, Bend it like Beks and more. Each level presents the high score, best time and medals on the level menu. You will get to know about your performance in detail. The objective of the game is sinking all the balls on the table. On the Pool table, try your best to control the cue stick and accomplish the mission.

It also offers time counting system, which means you only can play a level in a limited time. When the time runs out, your game will be over automatically. With such core features like Smooth Controls, Amazing graphics and incredible gameplay, Lightning Pool 2 is a perfect Sport game for you to play and enjoy.

How to play:

  • Use your computer mouse left click in order to aim and shoot, to take a shot, following these step:

Tips and tricks:

  1. Follow the in-game instruction for the best result.
  2. Each time you let the white ball roll down the black hole, your time in the battle will be decreased hardly, be careful if you don’t want to leave the level to early.
  3. If you aim and release the cue stick too soon, your time will also be decreased as well.

Lightning Pool 2 Unblocked:

  1. You may want to know about the unblocked version of the game on Get to play Lightning Pool without any limitation on Freegames66 to have even more fun!