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PLAY NOW Doyu 8-Ball
Doyu 8-Ball

Rating: 5.0

Votes: 2

Plays: 5.4k

ABout Doyu 8-Ball:

Doyu 8-Ball is developed and published by Doyu Games. It is a multiplayer game, so you can play against CPU, against a friend on the same computer or against other users in the online multiplayer mode.

As playing billiard, you have to aim the ball and hit it by the cue stick. That game requires good hand-eye coordination, and observation and prediction skills.

Strategy to win: You must use canny attacking and defensive strategies to defeat your opponent. You can place the ball anywhere on the table but don’t forget to determine a good table position for your subsequent shot. Also, you can add spin to the cue ball by clicking on the large cue ball icon.

A foul is committed when the shooter pots the cue ball or pots one of the opponent's suited balls.

How to Play:

  • The aim, click, drag the mouse and release
  • Use the mouse or the arrows keys to add effects
  • X to return to the main menu

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Install Adobe Flash to play that game
  2. Two rules: adjust the right angle and the speed
  3. If it no longer works on IE11 on your PC / MAC, try with Chrome or Firefox browsers

Doyu 8 Ball Unblocked:

  1. That game is a slick and easy-to-play pool game for virtual billiard enthusiasts. If you enjoy online table sports games requiring good judgment and skill, it is a good choice.
  2. You can play that game online in for free. It is the unblocked version, so you can access anywhere at any time you want.


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