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Blocky Snakes

Rating: 10.0

Votes: 2

Plays: 961

About Blocky Snakes:

Tired of offline gameplay but too lazy to download a heavy one? A .io game is definitely the one you need. Blocky Snakes is a great .io game which will bring you into a bloody... I mean blocky snake battlefield.

Before starting the game, you can choose a nickname for your snake or use a given name. You can also customize your snake by choosing your snake’s skin. There are totally about 21 skins and they all are free. After joining the battle, you will find yourself as a small newbie snake, running around a black field. You are surrounded by colorful food and... enemies. The rule is simple: Collect the food to grow bigger and make other snakes run into you. Once a snake run into another, he will be killed immediately.

There are many kinds of food, and notice that some of them have special power such as making you run much faster. But be careful, running faster can be good since it helps you quickly trap your enemies, but if you can’t control your speed and directions, it would be a tragedy. A mini-map is always shown on your screen so that you can notice your nearby enemies. At the top-right corner, a leader board will show you your score and position in the server.

Any question here? What are you waiting for? Join the battle, fight hard and get yourself to the top now at Blocky Snakes!

How to play:

  • Drag your mouse to move the snake around.
  • Collect food to grow.
  • Do not crash across other snakes. Instead, make them crash across you to defeat them.

Tips and tricks:

  1. The more food you can collect, the bigger and longer you are. The longer you are, the easier to trap your weak enemies.
  2. You can run over yourself.
  3. Pay attention to the mini-map to notice nearby enemies.

Blocky Snakes Unblocked:

  1. Here comes another .io game in the field! Blocky Snakes Unblocked – an interesting .io game is available at Join now to enjoy more awesome gameplay as Blocky Snakes!


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