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PLAY NOW Desert Road
Desert Road

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About Desert Road:

Desert Road is an incredibly fun video game. Once entering this game, you will control a blue ball and join in its adventure. This is an interesting adventure passing through the hot and arid road. It’s not simply a normal road, there are various obstacles to it. These obstacles including colorful circles. These circles are circling around and around. They are not at the same place, sometimes it's on the left and sometimes on the right. Each time you enter the middle of the circle, you will get a score. The score also depends on the rate you pass a circle including great/ good/ perfect.

Don’t worry if you miss these circles because as if you just have to reach the last circle to win. Although this game is an endless adventure, it still has levels and records to see how far you can go. The high level you gain, the difficult obstacles you must pass away. You will have to move professionally and smoothly through them. It is easy to lose this game as your controlling skill is not good enough. Besides, coming with its process, the speed of your balls will be increased. 

Hopping and splashing on an endless road through the desert now.  Try to avoid the obstacles, keep going and hit your targets. At the end of each level, you will know your score you get and the screen also has congrats effects. This is truly the perfect adventure you’ve found recently.  

How to play:

  • Use the arrow keys to move your ball

Tips and tricks:

  1. Try to avoid touching the circle because it can kill you immediately
  2. Make an effort to get as many points as possible by going to the middle of the circle

Desert Road Unblocked:

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