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Rating: 9.0

Votes: 210

Plays: 19.2k

About Ducklife:

Ducklife is a fun action web flash game. The game has simple graphics and bright colors. The game is suitable for all ages, especially children and families.

The game has a pretty impressive story. Story talks about Duck's farm being destroyed by a storm and your mission is to help Duck win contests for money to rebuild Duck's farm.

To win the competition, you need to train Duck to become stronger. The game provides 4 elements for you to train the Duck:

  1. Energy: Duck can play for long periods of time without getting tired.
  2. Running: You will have to tranning Duck to run and jump over the rocks to get enough skill in the race race. During trainning you can also get the coin.
  3. Flying: You will have to help Duck fly and eat a lot of coins.
  4. Swimming: You will have to help the Duck swim while dodging obstacles and eating coins.

Once enough strength, Duck can participate in contests. There are a total of 4 competitions with incremental bonuses:

  1. Beginner Races with a bonus of 50 coins.
  2. Amateur Races with a bonus of 100 coins.
  3. Expert Races with a bonus of 200 coins.
  4. World Championship with a bonus of 200,000 coins. However, you need to win all 3 Races above to join this tournament.

Ducks will use coins to buy items like Hat, Seed, Paint color ... in DuckShop.

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How to play:

  • Use arrow keys to control Duck.
  • Use mouse to feed the Duck.

 Tips and Tricks:

  1. Try to train Duck as much as possible, the longer training time the Duck will increase level much.
  2. Each level has a level hint that you can win, you can see the level of Duck in the Menu screen.


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