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Ducklife 4

Rating: 8.7

Votes: 521

Plays: 43.9k

About Ducklife 4

Duck Life 4 is an interesting simulation game and the fourth installment of the DuckLife series. The game was created and published by Wix Games and available to play on the browser.

This game is about training multiple ducks to compete in tournaments to beat the Fire Duck [1].

With cute graphics and simple gameplay, Ducklife 4 is suitable for all age.


In this game, your main mission is to train your ducks and send them to the tournaments to compete with other ducks. However, first of all, you need to go to the Egg Pick stage to choose the egg you want. The duck will hatch from this egg and its color will depend on the type of the chosen egg.

However, at the first time, the duck is very weak, it even can't reach the finish line. You will have to give it an energy seed to reach this line. Besides, your duck is very slow, but don't worry! Send it to Joe - a running trainer and he will help your duck become faster. In detail, he will take your duck to a running training course with total 150 levels. After the training, you can bring your duck to the duck shop to buy it some accessories, or directly come to the tournament by clicking on the windmill.

The tournaments are sets of 3 races in a row and there is no break time in each race. When becoming the winner in a tournament, you will be able to unlock a new area on the map.

There are 6 areas to unlock including Grassland, Swamp, Mountains, Glacier, City, and Volcano. Each area has its own scenes, different terrain, and require a different skill. In detail, in the Grassland, you need to train your duck the running skill; in the Swamp area, swimming skill is necessary; in the Mountains area, climbing skill is very important; in the Glacier area, flying skill is the most important thing; in the City, your duck need to train to jump; and in the Volcano area, energy is extremely necessary. For each skill in each area, there will be a different trainer.

Areas in Duck life 4


Grassland is the first area in Duck Life 4. In this area, you will learn about the game and the running skill with Joe. In this area, your duck will be trained in three stages including testing speed, endurance, and reactions.

In testing speed stage, you will have to control your duck to move left or right to go to the hole and jump. You will have to move as fast as you can and try to earn as many gold coins as possible. Once you move out of the screen, the training will be over.

In endurance training, you will also control your duck move left or right. However, in this stage, there are lots of notices on the sky including warning and $ signs. You need to avoid the places that have the warning signs and move fast to the ones that have $ signs to earn coins. In case your duck gets hit by an obstacle, the training will be over.

In the reaction training, you will control your duck through a terrain with so many rocks. On the rock will have the numbers from 1 to 4. You will have to press the corresponding number according to the one on the rock to jump over or go through them. The training will be over if you can't react fast enough.

The challenges in this area are White Duck and Brown Duck.


In this area, you need to train the swimming skill for your duck. There are also three stages including reactions, endurance, and timing.

In the reaction training, you need to jump and dive into the water. Try to avoid all the obstacles and alligators by using the up and down arrow keys. Once you get caught on an obstacle or be eaten by the alligator, the training will be over and you will be moved to the endurance training.

In the Endurance training, you will have to swim up and try to avoid the walls by using the spacebar. Once you touch the wall, the training will be over.

In the Timing training, you have to turn towards the water by pressing spacebar. When the 2 circles meet, once again press the spacebar to finish your training course.

The challenges in this area are Gray duck, Red duck, and Blue duck.


In this area, your duck will be trained the flying skill through three stage including endurance, reactions, and accuracy.

In Endurance, the duck will be trained to get the seeds by using the left and right arrow keys. A regular seed will offer a little energy to move up. The purple seed offers more energy than the regular one. If you go off the screen by moving down, the training will end and move to the reactions training.

In the reactions training, you will control your duck follow the trainer's path and avoid the obstacles using the up and down arrow key.

In the accuracy training, you will use the mouse to aim and click to fire yourself. Your primary objective is to try to collect the gold coins while avoiding touching the floor.

There are also three challengers in this area including Green duck, Yellow duck, and White duck.


In this area, your duck will be trained the climbing skill with three stages including speed, risk, and reactions.

In speed training, you will have to climb ladders as fast as possible by using the arrow keys.

In risk training, you will be trained in the dangerous terrain like the avalanche. In detail, using up arrow key to climb up, right arrow key to hide from the avalanche, and left arrow key to exit the cave after the avalanche.

In reactions training, you will have to jump on each side of the canyon while trying not to get caught on edges.

The challenges in this areas include Penguin duck, Grey duck, and White duck.


In this area, you duck will be trained in endurance, balance, and skill to jump.

In the endurance training, your duck will have to jump on blocks as fast as possible by using the left and right arrow keys.

In balance training, your duck will have to keep balance on pogo stick by using left and right arrow key and try to jump higher by pressing up arrow key.

In skill training, your duck will have to move while in the air.

There are total three challenges in this area including Pink duck, Green duck, and Yellow duck. In order to beat the tournament in City, the training level of your duck must be at least level 105.


In this area, your duck doesn't need to train. However, in order to beat this area, you need to train your duck very well in all of the previous areas.

There are three challengers in this area (Black Duck, Purple Duck, Blue Duck) and one Fire Duck you need to beat.

Difference between Duck Life 4 and its previous installments

  • Different from previous installments that there is only one version, Duck life 4 has two different versions including the original and mobile versions.
  • In Duck life 4, you can train up to 6 ducks instead of only 1 like the previous games.
  • This game offers a shop and you can purchase duck egg and other accessories here.
  • In each area, you can unlock the maximum 5 sessions for a certain type of training.

How to play

  • Use arrow keys to control Duck.
  • Use mouse to feed the Duck and view the map.
  • Use 1-2-3-4 to dodge the obstacles in the Reactions.

Tips and Tricks

  • Try to train Duck as much as possible. The longer the training time, the more Duck will level up.
  • Each skill will have different levels. Train Duck well in all skills.

Ducklife 4 unblocked game

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

How to get levels quick in ducklife 4?

Spending your time for training is the best way to get levels quick in this game.

How to do the ducklife 4 swimming mini games?

In order to do the ducklife 4 swimming mini games, you need to unlock the Swamp area. After that, participate in the training course.

How to reset duck life 4?

In order to reset this game, if you play it on your mobile device, let's remove it from your device. After that, let's install this game again to reset. In case you play it on your browser, just choose the another browser to play this game.


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