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Space Marine

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About Space Marine:

Space Marine Unblocked is a fascinating first-person shooter game in which you can show up your skill in the battle with aliens in the universe. The human's world gave you a big responsibility and belief of being our hero who will be the bravest and the best space marine and sent on the distance alien space station. These cruel with bad aims are preparing weapons and ammunitions to invade our world. Your duty is to kill them all and destroy the cores to pass each level.

The reward for the hero is also easy to achieve from the easy to hard level such as the lowest one is killing all the enemies in a level for Taking No Prisoners, buying something in the shop for Weapon Shopping and other highest reward is surviving 20 levels for Survivor. All you need to do is try your limit and fight for the unexpected.

Each level will have its tasks but the same messages are killing the enemies and try to find and destroy the cores. Be careful with these creatures because each level will have their strange different creatures. All of them are strong and cruel enough to kill you. Moreover, there are many weapons for you to choose so you can choose a suitable weapon which can help you to win this battle.

Do not pity with them- our last hope of humanity! Pick up the weapons and fight for our peace and saving the world now!

How to play:

  • WASD- Move
  • Fire- Left mouse
  • Zoom- Right-mouse
  • Scroll- Change weapons
  • F- Pick up/ Interact
  • Shift- Run
  • Space- Jump
  • R- Reload
  • P- Pause

Tips and tricks:

  1. There is a weapon room and you have time to prepare and choose the weapon
  2. Finding and destroying the core to pass level
  3. Try to kill enemies in a level to achieve a reward

Space Marine Unblocked:

  1. is absolutely what you need for a great title Space Marines Unblocked because it's free, no block no disturbs and brings you the happiest and most relaxing time ever. Don't hesitate anymore but play now!

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