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Pubg Pixel

Rating: 10.0

Votes: 1

Plays: 439

About Pubg Pixel:

Pubg Pixel is a battle royale game in which one hundred players try to defeat each other in a battle royale. This game is a type of large-scale and the last man alive will be the winner of the match. Based on the popular game PUBG, Pubg Pixel version will bring you another exciting and appealing experience. Take place in a countryside theme and sometimes depending on the map your match will have something else such as houses or other obstacles. Not only that, you will enjoy the parachute's feelings.

Beginning with choosing your character and each character has different characteristics and also weapons: The police with gun and ammunition, the salaryman spawn with a secret survival kit, the farmer with the farming tool and the soldier with soldier weapons. First, 20 seconds for you to wait then the plane will take you to the camp where other players are hiding and looking for you to kill. The first thing you have to do is running to the nearby house and find your weapons if you don't want to die without shooting ever or you just hiding somewhere and wait till the end of the match without fighting. It's not fair and fun, right?

Remember that a full round takes no more than 10 minutes so don't waste it and don't be killed by the retracting area. Picking up your weapons and kill other players to be the last person existing in this entertaining battle royale game!

How to play:

  • WASD/ Arrow keys to move
  • Left mouse to shoot
  • F to select the object
  • Space to Jump

Tips and tricks:

  1. Finding the weapons as fast as possible
  2. Your enemies are not only outside and around you but also hiding in the houses
  3. Make use of houses and obstacles for weapons and hide

Pubg Pixel Unblocked:

  1. Wanna play quickly, smoothly, unblocked and free? Visit and play Pubg Pixel Unblocked now to have an excellent time with your characters and remove stress away at the moment clicking on the screen.


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