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PLAY NOW Damn Birds
Damn Birds

Rating: 10.0

Votes: 1

Plays: 1.1k

About Damn Birds:

Damn Birds is an online game in the category of hunting game. The creator and the publisher of this game are MoFunZone. Players can play it on most modern browsers with the Flash Technology.

This flash game has a fantastic plot: As the player, you are a statue sitting in a park. For years, birds have pooped on you, and now, your patience is running out. You decide to take revenge on these feathered creatures. The best part is that you’re equipped with a gun.

Players will have several levels to complete one by one. Before each new level, you can buy new weapons and ammo, clean yourself, and increase your defense. There will be a cleaning bar on the screen that indicates the dirty level (green to red) and your current status (white grid). You can adjust the level of cleaning and clean yourself as much as you can. When finishing, click Clean to execute.

To increase your defense and avoid being pooped on, you can click on the “Defense” button and buy points.

If you purchase a weapon, it will appear with color. The black and white ones are unavailable. You can also buy more ammo and guns, too.

How to play:

  - Here is a guide on how to play Damn Birds:

  • Aim your gun with your mouse and click to shoot
  • Press one of the buttons from 1 to 5 to select a weapon
  • Press the “Tab” button to switch to the next gun
  • Press R to reload the gun
  • Press P to pause the game

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Note 1: If your load ends, you must wait until your gun reloaded to shoot again. You can speed up this process by pressing R continuously.
  2. Note 2: If you’re out of ammo, you cannot reload your gun. Remember to buy enough ammo before starting a new level.
  3. Note 3: If you buy a new weapon, don’t forget to purchase its ammo since new gun come with no ammo.  

Damn Birds Unblocked:

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