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Crazy Shooters

Rating: 9.2

Votes: 88

Plays: 58.8k

About Crazy Shooters:

Crazy Shooters is an interesting shooting game developed by FreezeNova. In Crazy Shooters, you are a soldier and you will play with "first person perspective". Your mission in Crazy Shooters is to destroy as many enemies as you can and win all the matches. With interesting gameplay and unique 3D graphics, I believe you will enjoy playing Crazy Shooters.

You will play against other players in the world because this is an online game. Before starting the game, you can join other player rooms or create a room to play. In Create Room, you can enter room name, select the max players (up to 16 players) and game mode (FFA, Team). Crazy Shooters offers you 4 battlefields, which are Factory, Arena, Towers and GasPlant. You can also customize the rules of each match, such as All weapons, All no RPG, RPG Only, Random weapon, Sniper Gun Only, Machine Gun, Pistol Only...

You have 100 HP. If you are hit by an enemy, your HP will drop and when your HP drops to zero, you will die. Try to move skillfully and kill as many opponents as possible. Each time you kill an enemy, your team will have a kill. The duration of each match is 10 minutes. When the time is up, the team with the most kills will win.

Interesting in Crazy Shooters is that you can use up to 9 different weapons to fight, including BallisticKnife, Deagle, MP5KA4, STW-25, M87T, Blaser R93, RPG, M79 and M67. Good luck and have fun!

How to Play:

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move.
  • Use mouse to aim and shoot.
  • Use R to reload.
  • Use Space to jump.
  • Use Shift to run.
  • Use 1-9 key to change weapon.
  • Use T to chat.

Tips and Tricks:    

  1. Your gun has limited ammo. When your gun runs out, you cannot use it.
  2. You need to spend time loading bullets.
  3. In Options, you can customize Sound, Music, and Sensitivity.

Unblocked Game: 

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  2. Now, enter Crazy Shooters Unblocked, join the fierce fight with other players. Play now!

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