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PLAY NOW Ninja Shark
Ninja Shark

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About Ninja Shark:

Ninja Shark is a super exciting Platform, Action, Ninja and Adventure video game. The game tells you a story about Ninja Shark, who is the product of technology in 1991. Ninja Shark is the combination of a Ninja and a Shark, with the upper body is in a Shark’s form while the legs are in Human form.
In the video game, you will have to control Ninja Shark and make sure that he is able to surpass all the level of the game within the time of 10 seconds. Ninja Shark provides you with a set of different levels, each one of them can be beaten in less than 10 seconds, depends on your skills and abilities. Ninja Shark will run automatically, which means you do not have to make an effort to make him run as quickly as he can.
What you have to do is make sure that Ninja Shark is able to make his way through multiple obstacles. Some obstacles can be deadly, as they will kill Ninja Shark after one touch. Ninja Shark will bring you the most exciting and thrilling adventures ever. As long as you reach the time goal, then you will be able to achieve success. Let’s start this wonderful video game Ninja Shark now and help Ninja Shark to accomplish all the challenges this game offers. Go!

How to play:

  • Press the Up button or Space bar when you want Ninja Shark to make a jump.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Try your best to break your own record after you manage to surpass all the levels.
  2. If you find one level is too hard, you can skip it

Ninja Shark Unblocked:

  1. You can now get access to Ninja Shark Unblocked at Besides, after finishing playing Ninja Shark Unblocked, you can check up on some other great video games that serve similar gameplay to Ninja Shark Unblocked. has tons of different unblocked video games for you. Check it out!

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