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Rating: 7.0

Votes: 420

Plays: 33.5k

About Run

Run is a popular endless runner type game developed by Joseph Cloutier (Player 03), with animation and art made by Alex Ostroff (Xela). The game is very simple to play, as your only objective is to guide your little Alien pass obstacles while running in space and get to the end safely. This game challenges players by having holes in space that you must dodge or jump across, and sometimes there will be large gaps that forces the player to avoid it by moving to a different lane.

There are 2 game modes for you to play :

  • Adventure mode: A regular mode for
  • Infinite mode: A hard mode for players who have already gotten used to the game. In this mode, your Alien’s speed will be faster and more holes in space will appear that are even bigger.

The game allows you to adjust your Alien’s speed.

You can also create your own level however you like it to either challenge yourself or to challenge your friends to beat the level that you made.

In Run, what makes it different from other games of the same genre is that there are 4 sides for you to run on: the floor, the left wall, the right wall and the ceiling which makes you feel like you’re running in a square pipe. When running, your Alien can move between all the sides to dodge the holes in space. Of course there are holes in space on every side and your job is to find the right time to move to a safer place in order to get to the end of the level.

Whenever you beat a level, the game saves your progress so that when you come back, you can continue playing without having to replay levels that you’ve already beaten.

This game also has sequels titled Run 2 and Run 3 that have a similar play style but are made more unique and different from the original. Also if you’re a fan of endless runner type games then there are other games that you might like such as G Switch and Temple Run.

The game also has a mobile version available for Android and iOS. You can download the game from Google Play or the Appstore.

How To Play:

  • Use left and right arrow keys to move.
  • Use Space to jump.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. When running into another lane, that lane will turn into the floor.
  2. You can pause/resume/restart, set the controls, select the level and turn the music, sound on/off in the Options menu.
  3. You can set the quality at 3 different settings: Low-Med-High.

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