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PLAY NOW Olympic Jump
Olympic Jump

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About Olympic Jump:

Olympic Jump is a Platform & Running video game. In this video game, you will help an athlete achieve his greatness by jumping through the barriers that the game brings in. You are able to save your game data in either local or online storage. The game also supports you with three different game slots, which means you can choose any one out of them to start your game.
Olympic Jump offers ten levels. The first one is already unlocked for you to step in. As soon as you finish the first level completely, you are able to move up to the next level. The game provides will count the percentage of work you have done on each level to decide whether to give you the chance to step into the next level or not.
Olympic Jump opens up quite easy and addictive gameplay. All that you have to remember is the victory is ahead, and only keeping your head up can help you win the game. In addition to that, the game becomes challenging in the higher levels. You will have to work for your hands out if you want to win the entire gameplay of Olympic Jump. Are you a challenge-acceptor or just a common coward? Let’s get started with Olympic Jump now!

How to play:

  • Press the left click button to jump.

Tips and tricks:

  1. When you see many barriers in a row, try to get as close as you can to the first barrier, and then make a big jump through all of them.
  2. Save your game data online, so you will never lose it. If you save your data in the local storage, then your data will not be safe when you reset your computer.

Olympic Jump Unblocked:

  1. is a good place for you to choose to visit. This site contains Olympic Jump Unblocked, as well as many other unblocked video games. Who would not love to enjoy millions of unblocked video games in just one site? Let’s go!