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Glitch Dash

Rating: 9.3

Votes: 27

Plays: 9.3k

About Glitch Dash:

Glitch Dash is a great running game. This is an interesting game that will make you addicted. I myself have been playing Glitch Dash for hours but can not complete all the maps in this game. In Glitch Dash, you will play with "first person perspective". Your task is to move on the safe paths, dodge the obstacles and get to the destination position. Glitch Dash has 8 maps: Intro, Sky, Arctic, Twitch, Digital, Dunes, Coastline and Neon.

At the start of the game, you will play in the Intro map. You need to complete the first map to go to the next map. Glitch Dash's special feature is that you can not see the terrain in front of you, so you can not know what's going to happen to you. And only when you get close, new roads appear along with obstacles. So, you have to control wisely and try to "survive" as long as you can.

You have 15 lives in Switch Tiles. Along the way, you will face obstacles like the walls, the hammers, the axes, the spaces, the spikes ... In particular, you will see the "Switch Tiles". When you step on a "Switch Tile", the terrain will rotate. Switch Tiles is a usefull feature but it is also an obstacle. Whenever you see diamonds or crowns, try to collect them as soon as you can. In addition, you can also collect Lives, Shields and Checkpoints.

Glitch Dash also has an achievement system with a variety of tasks, such as "do a perfect run on Sky", "do a perfect run on Blitz", "complete Coastline". With interesting gameplay and unique graphics, I believe you will love Glitch Dash. Glitch Dash is a great game for training reflexes. Good luck and have fun!

How to Play:             

  • Use arrow keys to control in Glitch Dash.

Tips and Tricks:     

  • You can play Glitch Dash in full screen mode.
  • Glitch Dash has 10 different languages to choose from.
  • In Options, you can customize language, quality, max FPS, sound and music.

Unblocked Game: 

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  2. Now, enter Glitch Dash Unblocked, dodge obstacles and complete 8 maps in this game. Do not forget to press Ctrl + D to bookmark our site. Play now!


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