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Short Life

Rating: 8.7

Votes: 1,633

Plays: 146.5k

About Short Life:

Short Life is an interesting ragdoll physic and adventure game that was created by game Tornado studio. This game attracts players with its addictive gameplay and beautiful graphics. According to the description on Google Play, this game is very simple:

"Choose your hero and get to the finish without losing your head! Avoid obstacles and try to complete the levels with all your body parts." [1]

Just with a few words above, we can realize that this game has the bloody element and doesn't be created for children and people who have a faint heart.

Released for a quite long time, until nowadays, this game is not only able to play on Android device, PC, but also available to play online. Moreover, Tornado has just launched a new version of this game on Steam on November 14th, 2018.


In this game, your main mission is to control your heroes and guide him to overcome all the obstacles on his adventure and come to the destination safely. This might sound conventional and easy, however, if you have played at least another ragdoll physic game, you will realize that it's so difficult. Besides that, there are various complex terrains and tons of traps and deadly obstacles on the way such as spikes, mines, arrows, sharp gear, etc. All of them can cause unimaginable harm to the heroes and make you fail the game anytime if you aren't careful enough. Timing and reflexes are the things that this game requires from players.


On this online version, there are total 16 levels and each of them has its own challenges. If you play this game on an Android device or purchase it on Steam, you will be able to enjoy this game with 20 levels.

Talk about each level, they are really challenging with the degree of difficulty increases follow your progress in this game. The latter level is more difficult than the previous level, the adventure is longer and there are more traps. In each level, there are 3 gold stars for you to collect. Once you have enough gold stars, you will be able to unlock the new hero. However, gathering enough these stars isn't an easy job since they are placed in difficult locations and much near the traps.

In addition, the game also rewards you with scores when you complete a level. The scores are calculated based on the time you finish that level and the number of wounds on the hero's body. If you can complete the level with a shorter time and fewer wounds, you will receive many more scores.

Heroes in game

As mentioned above, in this game, you will control the hero to join the adventure and overcome all the obstacles. The fact that there are lots of heroes in this game – in detail, there are 6 heroes; and you can unlock them when gathering enough golden stars. All of them are in the list below:




Bearded man


He is the default hero and appears when the game starts. He has a long beard and long hair as well. He wears a white shirt close armpit with red shorts. With a thin body, he is able to move quite fast



The businessman is a mid-age man with a black suit. In order to unlock him, you need to gather enough 8 golden stars.

Fat man


Fat man is also a mid-age man but younger than the businessman. He wears a red shirt and black pants. With a big body, he moves a bit slower than other heroes. In order to unlock him, you need to have 16 golden stars.

Young woman


This hero is a very young woman with a youthful appearance. She wears workout clothes with a white shirt and dark green pants. She is very flexible with her thin body. In order to unlock her, you need to have 24 golden stars.



The policeman is a mid-age man who wears a police uniform. He wears black glasses and has a quite ferocious appearance. In order to unlock him, you will have to gather enough 32 golden stars.

Big Girl


Big girl is the latest hero that you can unlock in this game. And in order to do that, you must gather enough 40 golden stars.

How To Play:

  • Use the left and right arrow keys to move left or right.
  • Use the up arrow key to jump
  • Use the down arrow key to crouch
  • Press the button P to pause the game and P to continue.

Tips and Tricks:

  • You can pause/resume/restart and turn the sound on/off on the game screen.
  • You can play this game in full-screen mode to get the best experience.
  • On the game screen, before facing any trap, there will be a hint for you. Let's do follow these hint to avoid all the deadly traps successfully.
  • If you get stuck with any level, let's watch the walkthrough video below. We have guided detail for each level on that video.
  • There are lots of things on the way, let's consider to take their advantage to overcome the next obstacles. For example, at level 4, you can take advantage of the ball to make all the bombs explode.

Short Life unblocked:

  1. Short Life is an interesting game to play and kill your time when boring. However, sometimes, when you are in areas where block the gaming sites like school, office, and anywhere else, you realize that you can't access this game, right? Don't worry! Now, you can access and enjoy this cool game anytime you want at anywhere because our site offer short life unblocked version. No matter where you are, you still can visit our site to enjoy not only this game but also thousands of other interesting games with unblocked versions.
  2. Now, all the necessary information about this game is on your hand. It's time to jump into this game and enjoy thrilling adventures with your heroes. Let's see how well you can do! Good luck!


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