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Ragdoll Fighters

Rating: 8.0

Votes: 5

Plays: 2.0k

About Ragdoll Fighters:

Ragdoll Fighters is a Platform, Ragdoll, Fighting, and Battle video game. This game has the players taking the roles Ragdolls and using weapons such as knights and so to battle against each other.

The developers of Ragdoll Fighters have shaken the game ground with the idea of having the craziest Ragdoll Fights. Anyone of us has approached a Ragdoll at least once in our life. The Ragdolls are cute and miserable because of their soft bodies. Because of these factors, Ragdolls usually seem like harmless creatures. In Ragdoll Fighters, the Ragdoll are still cute, as they wear amazingly fantastic makeup and dress with hilarious clothes. However, when these Ragdolls come to the battleground, they lose their cuteness and start fighting as aggressive soldiers.

The player of Ragdoll Fighters will have to control his Ragdoll and use the weapon that is equipped with the Ragdoll to attack the opponent. The more attacks the player causes, the more points the player gets. The performance of the player is the main factor that contributes the biggest part to the progress of the player in the game world of Ragdoll Fighters. The game rewards the players with Stars, and it also praises the player for the achievement the player reaches after each battle. If you are a cool player, then the list of achievements will never ever come to an end after each time you defeat your opponent.

Besides, Ragdoll Fighters enables the player to combat using various types of characters such as gladiators, boxers, and rabbit nurses. You will have the chance to select the character or spend the money you earn in the game to buy them.

How to play:

  • Use the computer mouse to attack the other Ragdolls.

Tips and tricks:

  1. The simplest way to fight is attacking continuously without interrupting your action even for a second.
  2. You should choose the Ragdoll with skills that fit your playing style the most.

Ragdoll Fighters Unblocked:

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