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PLAY NOW Ragdoll 2
Ragdoll 2

Rating: 6.7

Votes: 3

Plays: 3.0k

About Ragdoll 2:

Ragdoll 2 is a very fun and interesting Platform video game. Have you ever imagined that you will be trying to avoid being stabbed by a rain of knights? Well, with Ragdoll 2, you will get to know the feeling of being attacked all the time.
The video game puts you into the role of a ragdoll, on the other hand, you will be controlling a ragdoll through the second person perspective. However, the main goal of Ragdoll 2 is obviously not about playing doll, as you will have to save the ragdoll and keep it in a safe condition as long as you can. The ragdoll is not completely something made by hands, as it releases blood when it is stabbed. You will see how incredible this video game is after you start to love it by heart.
The game does not only teach you how to survive in a world where death always is in parallel lines with life but also help you to train your skills and abilities. After managing the video game of Ragdoll 2, you will get quicker and better, thanks to the wonderful gameplay of Ragdoll 2!

How to play:

  • Use the arrow keys to move the ragdoll.
  • Press the space bar to restart the game.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Even though the game suggests you to use the entire four arrow keys, only the Left and Right arrow keys are actually used most of the time, so put your hand on them.
  2. Do not move too quickly. Once you are not attacked in a side of the screen, stay there until the next weapon falls into it.

Ragdoll 2 Unblocked:

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