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Pixel Rush

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About Pixel Rush:

Pixel Rush is an addictive and interesting 3D racing game. Once entering this fancy world, you will control a plane flying through many obstacles in an endless road. These obstacles appear densely and shape in any way. They include the rockets, the holes, the boxes and so on. If you don't respond quickly, you will hit it and lose the game immediately.

A special point of this game is the change of scenes. Every time you turn to a new scene, the background will also change. Sometimes, it features green trees with the obstacles follow this style. Sometimes, it features the purple backgrounds like space with the obstacles chase after the space style, so on. Each scene will bring you a different and unique experience. Moreover, in the garage, there are a lot of planes for you to choose but most of them are locked. 

This game looks simple but actually, it doesn't. It ryequires the player to have a quick response and observe as everything appears surprisingly. Not only that, this game is a big challenge for your playing skills as it contains many surprises. They will test your reaction and your patience. Pick up your plane and powers to survive longer and to get the best score. Good Luck and have fun!

How to play:

  • Tap to Start
  • Use A/D or Arrow keys to move

Tips and tricks:

  1. Move carefully because it is too easy to break into the obstacles
  2. Grab the reward lies on the right to get a surprise gift and it may help you in some case

Pixel Rush Unblocked:

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