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The Impossible Quiz

Rating: 8.2

Votes: 795

Plays: 56.2k

About The Impossible Quiz

The Impossible Quiz is a brain game. In this game, you’ll have to answer incredibly hard questions that will really challenge players. All the questions are anything but simple. Some will require insane logic, others will be completely down to guessing, but every question has its answer so even if some questions seems impossible, they can be answered. 

When you begin, you’ll start out with 3 lives and each question has 4 answers. Answer wrong once and you’ll lose a life. Lose all your lives and its game over.

The game also has a few interesting features in it such as:

  • Skips: When you complete a certain number of questions, you’ll be rewarded with a skip. Using a skip will let you skip a question if you find said question too difficult, or simply can’t be arsed. There are 7 skips to be earned. There are a few questions that can’t be skipped and must be completed.
  • Bombs: These questions are timed. You’ll have until the bomb detonates to answer the question or it’ll be game over. The time limit for these questions can range from a generous length of 10 seconds to as ridiculously short as 1 second. (Yes, it really can be that short)

Sometimes the questions you encountered are so hard that you don’t know how to answer them, but don’t worry, just try to click on random answers to eliminate the wrong ones and remember them so that the next time you replay, you’ll be able to choose the correct answers.

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How To Play

Use the mouse to click on the right answer.

Tips and Tricks

Read the questions carefully, sometimes the answer may be somewhere on the game screen other than where the normal answers are.