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The Impossible Quiz

Rating: 8.2

Votes: 851

Plays: 115.2k

About game

The Impossible Quiz is an interesting brain and quiz game that was created by Splapp-me-do. This is the first game in the series The Impossible Quiz game. It was released originally on February 20th, 2007 on Newgrounds and DeviantArt. However, at that time, this game included music so it was forced to take down. For this reason, on March 8th, 2017, the author of this game re-uploaded it as a "Lite version". And of course, the music is removed.

With a series of incredibly hard questions that will really challenge players, this game is rated as one of the most interesting and challenging games. It's even regarded as one of the most popular online game of the time and has inspired many fans to create similar games. The evidence for its success is the release of the game The Impossible Quiz 2 in 7 months later. Moreover, on October 30th, 2009 this game was officially released its mobile applications for iOS-powered devices. And a short time later, the Android version was also released.

A bit about author

Splapp-me-do has the real name is Glenn Rhodes. He was born on June 2nd, 1986 in the United Kingdom. Now, he lives in Hull, England and has a special passion with drawing some random characters. He has a special catchphrase that is posted on his DeviantArt account is that:

“Arts, farts, and occasionally tarts”

Until this time, he has created lots of games. However, his most popular games are the one in series The Impossible Quiz.


As mentioned above, this game is a series of seem-complex questions. The fact that all the questions are anything but simple. Some will require insane logic and others will be completely down to guessing. However, every question has its answer so even if some questions seem impossible, they can be answered.

There will be four clickable options for each question and one of them is the correct answer. Players read the questions and four given answers to choose the correct one. However, it isn't as easy as it sounds, of course. Lots of questions rely on double meanings, tricks, and puns that require players to think carefully, logically, and wisely before making any decision. In addition, there are lots of surprises in this game such as mini-games, mazes, etc. All of them will help players to improve their skills and reflexes.

Rule of the game

When you begin, you’ll start out with 3 lives. Answer wrong once and you’ll lose a life. When losing all your lives. the game is over. There are a total of 110 questions in this game and they are in a single take without any checkpoints in-between. This means, anytime the game over, when restarting the game, you have to start at the zero. However, there is a skips button in this game and you can skip particular questions. In my own opinion, this feature doesn't help much because you still have to save them all in order to beat the final question.

Besides that, there are some questions consisting of bombs. These bombs have a timer on them ranging from 1 to 11 seconds. In case players can't give the answer in time, the bomb will be explosive and the game will be over immediately.

Note: Players must keep in mind that they must keep their fingers away from the TAB key throughout the game. The reason just simple is that pressing this key is prohibited absolutely for the entirety of the play through.

Prominent features

There are up to 110 questions and all of them are really challenged by their way.

Skips: When you complete a certain number of questions, you’ll be rewarded with a skip. Using a skip will let you skip a question if you find said question too difficult, or simply can’t be arsed. There are 7 skips to be earned. There are a few questions that can’t be skipped and must be completed.

Bombs: Bombs make the time to give the answer become so short. It increases the challenge of this game.

Sometimes the answer may be somewhere on the game screen other than where the normal answers are. This makes the game become more interesting, right?

How To Play?

Use the mouse to click on the right answer.

Tips and Tricks

Read the questions carefully before giving the answer

Sometimes the questions you encountered are so hard that you don’t know how to answer them, but don’t worry, just try to click on random answers to eliminate the wrong ones and remember them so that the next time you replay, you’ll be able to choose the correct answers.

If you get stuck at any questions, let’s watch our walkthrough video below. In addition, you can find your question and its answer in the section The Impossible Quiz answers of its wiki to get the right answer. However, we don’t recommend this because conquer this game by yourself will be much more meaningful.

The impossible quiz unblocked game

If you love this game and want to enjoy it anytime you are ready, Freegames66 is the right place for you. On our site, we offer you with The Impossible Quiz unblocked game for free. So, you can visit and play this game anywhere even in the areas block the gaming site without any charge. Moreover, with a simple and friendly interface, surely you will have the best experience when playing games here.

Now, let's jump into the game and immerse yourself deeply in the world of challenging questions. Good luck!

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How many questions are in the impossible quiz?

There are a total of 110 questions in this game.

What is the answer to life the universe and everything impossible quiz?

This is the 42nd and also a quite difficult question in this game that lots of people are looking for the answer.

The correct answer is the 42nd 42. It is the second 42 in the bottom row and just clicking there, you can move to the next question.



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