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The Impossible Quiz 2

Rating: 7.8

Votes: 192

Plays: 43.4k

About game

The Impossible Quiz 2 is an interesting quiz and brain-game Game that was written by Splapp - me - do (His real name is Glenn Rhodes). This game is the second installment of series The impossible quiz and released in late August of 2007. With new and returning questions, polished visuals, a great brand new, and the standards of insanity, this game is rated higher much than its predecessor - The Impossible Quiz.


In Part 2, the gameplay is similar to that of Part 1. You will have to solve puzzles that are almost impossible to solve. However, they always have a very reasonable answer.

There are a total of 120 questions in which, some of them even has several variations of themselves and two different Power-ups. I bet that you will want to have at your disposal. You will have five lives and no checkpoints in this game.  However, you can skip the difficult question and make a return as an actually usable power-up. There is a brand new power-up in this game and called the Fusestopper. It is a small purple one-eyed creature with a special ability is that allows you to disintegrate the returning bombs of the game.


The grade is a gameplay element that allows you to know yourself that how well you performed in this game. It is determined by the lives and/or power-ups that you have after answered the final question. There are total 9 grades in this game including A*, A+, A-, B+, B-, C, D, E, and F. Matching with these grades are the rates perfect, amazing, brilliant, nice one, not bad, average, a bit crap, awful, and bad of shite. And of course, when you finished the game, depending on your grade, you will receive a different comment. For example, if you get the grade A* (required score is 10), you will receive a message: "Oh my God, you're insane! You've not only completed The Impossible Quiz 2, but you've made me weep by finishing it flawlessly... AMAZING!" Very interesting, isn't it?

New and Core features

There are a total of 120 different questions and 9 grades to rate how well players have done in this game.

This game also has unique features like Bombs. They will appear randomly in the questions. Their position is in the right-hand corner. And when you see them, you need to act very quickly, otherwise, the bomb will explode and you will be game over.

Skips feature will also be available in this section. This feature helps you skip through difficult questions that you cannot solve. However, you need to collect them. There are a total of 3 Skip in this game.

In addition, you will experience the Fusestoppers feature. This feature is a new feature of this part. And I will not talk about it that will let you explore it yourself in the game.

This game also contains the implementation of questions. They require players to use their keyboard to proceed.

The questions in this section will also be extremely difficult to solve and this is really a game for those who want great challenges.

You can play this game on your mobile devices such as iPhone or iPad by downloading this game on App Store.

How to play

Use the mouse to click on the right answer. In addition, sometimes, you also have to use your keyboard to answer the questions.

Tips and tricks

Read the questions carefully before choosing the right answer.

Sometimes the impossible quiz 2 answers may be somewhere on the game screen.

The order of questions is not changed, so, when you get stuck, let's choose randomly an answer.  If you are right, congratulation. If you wrong, let's remember this answer and avoid it in the next time you see this question.

In addition, you also can see the walkthrough video of us in the section below.

The impossible quiz 2 unblocked

We can't deny the attraction of this game, especially with people who want to challenge themselves with difficult and interesting questions. For this reason, you may want to jump into the game world and "fight" with some hard questions anytime and anywhere you can. However, so many areas block the gaming sites and that makes you can't access this game. Don't worry! You still can play the impossible quiz 2 unblocked for free on With this powerful version, you can play and enjoy this game anywhere and whenever you want without any limitations.

Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s start jumping into this supercool game and challenge yourself with so many difficult questions. Without the guide, how well you can do?

Some frequently asked questions

How to beat the impossible quiz 2?

In order to beat this game, let's do follow the guide and tips above. Surely after several times that you play this game, you can pass it easily.

In addition, if you want to beat it at the first time you play this game, let's think carefully before making any decision. There is no time limitation, so, don't worry.

How many questions are in the impossible quiz 2?

There are 120 questions in this game in which the easiest question may be question 70 (51 on iOS). The hardest question may be question 67 (103 on iOS).

How to beat the impossible quiz 2 level 14?

In order to beat this level, let's click the 14 twice. The reason is that when you drag the dots around so that the red marking line up with the white boxes. They will create a message that requires you to click on the question number twice.

How to beat the impossible quiz 2 level 23?

This level is a Tic-Tac-Toe game. In order to beat it, you have to drag the circle around 23 to the appropriate spot. It is on the second column at the bottom.

How to beat the impossible quiz 2 level 7?

In order to beat this level, you just press the right arrow key on your keyboard. Very easy, right?

How to beat the impossible quiz 2 level 10?

This level can be beaten in a very simple way. Just click and drag the words "a penguin" to reveal the answer and you'll pass it.


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