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Need Brain

Rating: 7.5

Votes: 16

Plays: 3.5k

About Need Brain

Need Brain is a puzzle game developed by VladG, graphics by mAx and music by Alexander Balint. The game is about the city being threatened by the zombies coming from sewers and quests. Your task is to use food brains to lure them out of the sewers and find a way to kill them. These brains will emit a taste and will lure zombies to the place of the brain.

The game has a total of 30 stages. The interesting part of the game is that you will have to kill the zombies in many ways. At the stage there will be separate ways, and you also have to take advantage of the scenarios, stage details and combine them to complete stage.

At the start of each stage, in the upper left corner of the game screen you will see the maximum number of brains you can place in that stage. If you run out of brain counts you can not even kill the zombies, then you will fail on that stage. Each sewer will have only one zombies in it.

At the start of each stage, you will have 100 points and the score will decrease over time. So try to complete the stage as quickly as possible.

Some points to note in the game:

  • Zombies passing through the buttons set the explosion, the explosion will explode.
  • If the maps have beer to shoot then you can shoot the zombies in the shot area.
  • The location of the walls will not be able to put down the brain.
  • Make use of the round barrels to roll over the zombies.

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How To Play

Multiplayer games use the mouse to control the key. You will move the mouse to the place you want to put the brain, left mouse click on it will drop the brain down to the desired position.

Tips and Tricks

  1. You can pause / resume / turn the sound on / off on the game screen.
  2. Click the Walkthrough button to see the stage guide if you are stuck on a stage.
  3. Place the brain in place of the gold coins to receive the corresponding monetary value.
  4. When placing the brains in the same position they can collide and move in two different directions.
  5. Click on the light bulb to illuminate the maps.


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