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Developed by Maciej Targoni and Wojciech Wasiak, NABOKI is a Platform and Puzzle video game. The game is designed with the simplest elements in order to bring the globe gamers fresh air among the flow of typical Puzzle video games in the present gaming community.

NABOKI contains a set of multiple Puzzles that require the player to solve at all costs. Every level of the game brings out a structure made up of multiple white blocks. The white blocks stick together and some of them are marked with arrows. You may wonder why some blocks are marked, why some aren't. You can move the marked blocks to the direction of the arrows marked on them. The player can imagine he was playing with Rubiks while he is trying to work with the structures of blocks, as NABOKI allows him to navigate the blocks the way he wants to. As the player navigates the block instruction, he can see all the arrows marked on the white blocks. The magic starts to happen the moment the player removes all the blocks.

NABOKI is a unique video game with no text, no tutorials, and no complicated game mechanics. Even though the game is way too simple, NABOKI is still able to draw attention from the vast amount of players around the globe. Maybe the simple and easy-to-understand game rules and levels are the major reasons for the victory of the game in the market. Let's have a lot of fun with NABOKI now!

How to play:

  • Use the computer mouse to navigate the blocks and remove them.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Some rough levels may force you to use a hint from the walkthrough video.
  2. The quickest way to solve all the Puzzles is relaxing and slowly navigating the blocks to find solutions.

NABOKI Unblocked:

  1. For your information, NABOKI Unblocked is now a part of the game world at is honored to serve you with a rapid connection and tons of brilliant video games! Check up on now!


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