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IQ Ball

Rating: 10.0

Votes: 1

Plays: 3.1k

About IQ Ball:

IQ Ball is a free puzzle game, which you can play online. The creator of this game is, and the publisher is FunFlow. This game requires Flash technology integrated into your browser to run. IQ Ball has cute and genuine graphics with upbeat music, which can instantly put a smile on the player’s face.

IQ Ball is also claimed to improve many skills such as problem-solving, cause and effect, trial and error,...Besides, there are also two main common core connections that players can learn from the game: the MT1 (explain problems and keen on solving them) and the MT7 (search and take advantages of structures).

How to play:

  • “IQ Ball travels through the air in a most unusual way, but he's not always sure where to go” - cited from Mathplayground.
  • And your job is to help him get to the target. In details, there are 25 levels in this game; each includes a different terrain. To reach the goal, you need to move the ball through the obstacles. To do this, players need to use the ball’s grabber to move around as well as eliminating the barricades. You must click on the left mouse button and hold to shoot out the grabber and hang onto the objects. Your clicks are also counted as well. The fewer clicks you have, the higher your IQ score is.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Scrutinize the terrains: In each level, you will have a new concept. Make use of the objects surrounding your ball. Even the obstacles can be the key to your success. You can turn on the fullscreen mode to observe every detail of the level.
  • Have an overview plan: You should consider everything carefully before moving. One step wrongs and the game can become harder immediately. Moreover, this will help you the number of clicks as well.

IQ Ball Unblocked Game:

  1. To play the unblocked version of this game, you can visit Freegames66. It’s a fantastic website which contains tons of unblocked games that we can even play in our offices or schools, where lock gaming sites.


  1. There are a lot of questions that we usually meet when playing IQ Ball such as “How to pass IQ Ball?”, “How to beat level 20?”, “How to get through level 24?”,... In the next part of the post, I will give you a guide to solve all of these issues.

IQ Ball Walkthrough:

  1. To pass all levels in IQ Ball, you can watch this video.


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