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Fleeing the Complex

Rating: 9.3

Votes: 369

Plays: 63.2k

About game

Fleeing the Complex is an interesting puzzle game that was created by Puffballs United and released on November 12, 2015. This game is the fifth installment in the Henry Stickmin series that is popular in the world. In a review post of Dora about this game on Jayisgame, he said that "Fleeing the Complex is funny, weird, and full of possibilities to explore, making it a ton of fun to play through over and over again." [1] In fact, it is the truth. This game is really interesting with a well-written plot, simple but cute graphics, addictive gameplay, and up to five different endings. Being a quite successful video game, now, Fleeing the Complex is available to play on both browser, iOS, and Android platforms.


Continue the story about Henry Stickmin - a thief who gets in troubles because of stealing things. He escaped from many different prisons and worked with the military. In this game, he is imprisoned in a complex called The Wall that takes place on snowy mountains in Russia. This complex holds the most cunning and notorious criminals in the world. Here, he must continue to find a way to flee. In order to do that, he needs the help of his friends like Toppat Clan and Charles. In addition, he also makes a new friend with Ellie – a female character that first appear in this game.


In this game, you will be set in the role of Henry Stickmin. Your main mission is to help Henry escape the complex successfully. Although this is the most ruthless and chilly prison. If you can choose the right action, it can't hold you anymore.

The game will offer you with a myriad of options to escape The Wall. And you have to think carefully about these options, imagine the next happen if you choose an option of them. After that, based on your imagination and choose the right action (at least you think that it is the right action). You can freely imagine because there is no time limitation in this game and an important thing is that there are many ways to escape. So, just have fun with the results.

In addition, in this game, there are lots of medals for players to try to earn. They appear scattered in this game and trying to earn all the medals is a fun activity.


In this game, there are two types of characters including protagonists and antagonists. Protagonists characters include Henry Stickmin, Ellie, and Charles. Antagonists characters include Toppat Leader, Dmitri Petrov, a.k.a the Warder, and Gregory.

Protagonist characters

Henry Stickmin

Henry Stickmin is the main protagonist of not only game Fleeing the Complex but also many other games such as Breaking the Bank, Escaping the Prison, Stealing the Diamond, and Infiltrating the Airship. He is known as a very unlucky and oddly person. In addition, he is also very clumsy and this character is displayed in his hilarious failures. However, this is also what most people love about him. Being a "Pure-Blooded Thief", Henry Stickmin always seems to get lots of trouble and it's hard not to find himself in some sticky situations.


Ellie is also a major character in this game. She is the first female character in the Henry Stickmin series and appears with Henry at the start of the game. They are both waiting for transfer to their new cells and when Henry sees his chance to escape, he needs her help. After that, Henry has to choose whether to take her along with him or not. If yes, Ellie will companion with Henry on his journey to escape the complex. If not, she is still there, in the complex. About her appearance, she has a semi-short red hair, red eyebrows also, and wears cream colored shoes.


Charles is a helicopter pilot and works for the government. He is the old friend of Henry in Infiltrating the Airship. In this game, he appears in the Completing the Mission since Henry escapes the cell and has an option is to contact Charles. In case Henry chooses to call Charles, Charles will remark that he is on another mission. However, he still can help Henry to out of The Wall because he has heard about it. He asks Henry to head outside and find a place for him to land his helicopter. After defeat all the guards of the complex, they finally fly off and earn the rank International Rescue Operative.


Toppat Leader

Toppat Leader is the main antagonist in both Fleeing the Complex, Infiltrating the Airship, and The Betrayed ending. He is listed on the list of antagonists’ character because when Henry needs his help, he said: "Yes, hello? Henry? Where are you? Eh? In the complex, called "The Wall?" Oh yes of course so, we'll, uhh, we'll be right there. Sit tight and I'll let you know when we're close." [2] He has no intention to help Henry. Oppositely, he is the person who watches Henry fall to the death and earns the rank The Betrayed from Henry's death.

Dmitri Johannes Petrov

Dmitri Johannes Petrov is the main antagonist in this game when being set in the role of the warden in The Wall. Dmitri with other wardens try to capture Henry. When Henry tries to escape from The Wall, he encounters Dmitri many times.


This is the second antagonist in Fleeing the Complex. He is a prison officer who appears with a grey beard and mustache. He is in charge of guarding the door of the room where hold Henry.

Fleeing the Complex medals

In this game, there are total 18 medals for players to gain in which:

  • Rank GI is a medal of achieving the rank of Ghost Inmate.
  • Rank PD is an achievement when players achieve the rank of Presumed Dead.
  • Rank CA is a medal when players achieve the rank of Convict Allies.
  • Rank IRO is an achievement when players gain the rank of International Rescue Operative.
  • Rank TB is an achievement when players gain the rank The Betrayed.
  • Kredit 2 Team is a medal that allows players to watch the credits.
  • Patron of Tunes is a medal of listening to a song that's linked in the credits.
  • Master of The Wall is considered as the greatest medal in this game. Players will receive this medal when getting all other achievements in the game and then click on the text in the description.
  • Golden Boy is a medal that players will gain if they get all 60 fail animations.
  • 101 Failmations is a medal for those who fail 101 times in this game.
  • Rise and Shine: There are five scenes in this game in which there is a man with a briefcase can be seen out of place. Players will receive this medal if they kill both Karlov, Earthbend, and Toppat using the Leaf and Toss and click on all 5 of these.
  • bruUGHNO: There are three scenes that reveal bruUGHNO in this game in which, two scenes reveal it by clicking on the moon in different scenes. The rest another reveals bruUGHNO if players click on the item box. In order to earn this medal, players need to click on all of these.
  • Nailed It: There are three scenes including Power Jump, Helium, and Leaf. In order to earn this medal, players need to click on the ground before landing all 3 times.
  • Waldo: This medal appears in the scene of escape with Ellie. When choosing a method to escape with Ellie, there is a method is that Motorcycle. If players choose this method, the next scene is Waldo hiding behind a rock. Just click on him, you will get this medal.
  • xXn00bslayerXx: If you give yourself the Sniper rifle and Ellie the Crossbow when in that scenario, your plan will end so bad. At that time, let's watch the "instant replay" provided in the description to get the medal.
  • Aeiou: In order to get this medal, you need to choose the plunger boots and click on it seven times.
  • Spooked: In The Yard, you will have 4 options to choose from. Going to the square with nothing on it, you will come to a dark room and be unpleasantly greeted and jumpscared by Freddy Fazbear. After that, you will get the medal.
  • Easy Medal: In the Betrayed ending, after failing with the slingshot, you will receive an announce that asks you to click here for an Easy Medal. Let's patient to click in it 20 times (there are 20 windows) to get this medal. If the window says that don't click this button, let's click oke and wait.

How to play

In order to control this game, you just use your mouse to click and click. For each mission, there are four options for you to choose from. You'll need to think carefully about the next happen when choosing any options. After that, click on your chosen one and waiting for the next scene.

Tips and tricks

  • Choosing the full-screen mode and turn on the sound to have a greater experience.
  • You can pause/resume/restart the game by choosing the setting button on the menu screen.
  • There is no time limitation, so let's think carefully before making any decision.
  • There are many endings of this game, so let's explore all of them to have more fun.

Fleeing the complex unblocked

Being an addictive game with simple but interesting gameplay, attractive plot, and fun visuals, Fleeing the Complex is a great game to play. For this reason, lots of people are seeking for Fleeing the Complex unblocked game to enjoy this game anywhere they want even in the areas blocking the gaming sites. If you are also one of them, you're in the right place. On Freegames66, we offer this game with the unblocked version for free. So, you can freely enjoy this game, kill your time, and have lots of exciting moments whenever you want.

Frequently Asked Question

How to get all fleeing the complex medals

In order to get all the medals in this game, you need to play all the endings of this game because, with each end, there are several medals for players. In detail, let's do following the guide in the medal section above



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