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Bunny Pairs

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About Bunny Pairs:

Bunny Pairs is an attractive and exciting puzzle game. Once you get into this funny world, your mission is to make multiple pairs of bunnies with a similar color. You have to take notice that the bunnies can't leave the playing field. Many hungry wolves are waiting for bunnies in the forest, so you have to find a safe path to other bunnies. Sometimes, you must sacrifice pigs so that you can arrange the required bunny pairs.

There are many levels for you to challenge yourself. You have to pass each level step by step to gain the new one. Each class will contain a requirement, and they are not the same as the previous one, so, each new level you get, you may have an exciting challenge. If you can't get the required of the class, you can lose the game.

The game only features a few animals and objects. They are bunny, which you have to pair them with a similar one. The special bunny which you have to pair in a hole only. The multi-colored bunny that you can pair with any bunny. When the wolfs eat bunnies and pigs, they will disappear immediately. The special bunnies can pair in a hole only. If you want to prevent the bunnies move, you can use the wall as it can stop any objects from moving.   

How to play:

  • Click on a bunny and select an arrow to let in the move

Tips and tricks:

  1. You have to try your best to keep the bunnies staying at the playing field
  2. Once you see the pigs, try to use them to stop the bunnies moving

Bunny Pairs Unblocked:

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