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2048 Cupcakes

Rating: 6.6

Votes: 50

Plays: 18.9k

About game

2048 Cupcakes is a great arcade and puzzle game that is inspired by the extremely popular game - 2048. In this game, the main mission of you is still to connect two identical things to create a new thing. However, different from 2048 that you have to connect the number, in this game, you will have to connect the identical Cupcakes to create a new one. With addictive gameplay, cute cupcakes, and colorful graphics this game is really a great game for those who love challenges and love cupcakes too.

On Freegames66, 2048 cupcakes is one of our recommended games. It is very interesting with simple but challenges gameplay. Let's learn more about this game by reading below!


As mentioned above, this game is inspired by 2048 game, so, it offers a similar gameplay to its original game. In 2048 cupcakes, your task is to move the Cupcakes, connecting two identical Cupcakes to create a new Cupcake and increase the Kcal Max.

At the start of the game, you'll see a map created by 4x4 cells and two cupcakes in the map. After combining two Cupcakes together, a new cupcake will appear and the stats will increase, such as Kcal, Cupcake...

Each time you move, a cupcake will appear randomly on the map (this is the cupcake that is similar to the first when you start the game). You need to move the cupcakes wisely because you will lose if the map does not have enough space for the cupcake. So, I recommend you think carefully before you move.

2048 Cupcakes have no time limit, so you can experience it comfortably. Try to increase the Kcal Max and Cupcake Max as much as you can. There are many rate cupcakes waiting for you to conquer in this exciting game. And remember, if you get stuck, you can click on the Restart-Button to play again. Good luck and have fun!

List of cupcakes




%2 (200 Kcal)


%4 (250 Kcal)


%8 (320 Kcal)


%16 (400 Kcal)


%32 (500 Kcal)


%64 (650 Kcal)


%128 (820 Kcal)


%256 (1000 Kcal)


%512 (1200 Kcal)


%1024 (1500 Kcal)


%2048 (2000 Kcal)


%4096 (3000 Kcal)


%8192 (5000 Kcal)


Prominent Features

  • Similar gameplay to 2048 game but have no numbers
  • Charming vintage style graphics with bright color
  • 13 different yummy cupcakes
  • Smooth animations
  • Simple controls
  • This game is available to play on Android and iOS devices, so, if you want to play this game offline, download it on your phone.

How to Play

Use arrow keys to control and combine similar cupcakes to create a new cupcake.

Tips and tricks

Tip 1: Understand what the board move

In this game, you only can move up, down, left, or right. And each time you move, all tiles on the board will move following that direction as far as it possible. In case there are lots of cards can combine at once, they also do so. For this reason, let's think carefully about the location of tiles after you move. Of course, when you are too familiar with this game, the time to make a decision is very quick.

Tips 2: Don't chase large tiles

The fact that it is very difficult to resist temptation and chase the larger cupcakes tiles on the board to combine them. However, in order to beat this game, you need to avoid this. Remember that this action always puts you in a worse position than a better one. The thing you should do is to focus on combining the smaller cupcakes. Do this continuously and all the cupcakes always meet up at some point.

Tip 3: Move toward the corners.

One of the wisest strategies when playing 2048 games is staying in the corners. This strategy can assure you have more of the main game board to bring in new tiles. So, let's move your tiles toward the corners to combine the new cupcakes.

Tip 4: Plan ahead

2048 cupcakes is a puzzle game, so, plan ahead is a very important tip to win this game. The fact that this tip goes along with the first tip and it needs to be performed seriously. Firstly, let's look at your board and see everything there. After that, let's try to connect as many cupcakes as you can in one move.

Tip 5: Slow down and think

As mentioned above, this game has no time limitation. So, don't try to play this game quickly when you are a newbie. Let's slow down and think carefully before making any decision. Besides that, when you make a wrong move, don't worry because this game gives you lots of opportunities to recover as long as you have empty spaces on the board.

Tip 6: Try to combine as many cupcakes as possible

Lots of times you will come across an instance where you can merge multiple cupcakes in only one move. Don't ignore these opportunities. Even when you have two opportunities. One is the ability to combine many lower Kcal cupcakes and the rest one is the opportunity to combine two cupcakes that have very high Kcal, don't hesitate to choose to combine many lower Kcal cupcakes. Because you will have more space after this combination. Always keep in mind that the more spaces you keep, the better flexibility you have.

In addition, you can play this game in full-screen mode to have the best experience.

2048 cupcakes unblocked game

If you want to experience 2048 cupcakes unblocked smoothly, Freegames66 is where you can trust. This is a reliable gaming site of millions of players from all around the world. On this site, we provide you with the unblocked version of this interesting game for free. So, you can access the game and enjoy it anywhere and anytime you want without paying any fee of charge. Moreover, with a simple and friendly interface, you always have lots of great moments when playing games here.

Now, enter 2048 Cupcakes, move the Cupcakes and create new rare Cupcakes. Play now!

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How to win 2048 cupcakes/ How to beat 2048 cupcakes?

In order to win this game, let’s do following the tips and tricks that we have shown you above. They are the key strategies that can help you beat this game easily.


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