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Riddle School

Rating: 8.5

Votes: 228

Plays: 41.8k

About Riddle School:

Riddle School is an interesting point-and-click and puzzle-solving game that was created by Jonochorme (or also called with another name Jonbro) - a young developer who has a passion for developing video games. This is the first installment of a popular series games with the same name, so, it’s also called as Riddle School 1 and released in 2006.

This game is a fun story revolving around a smart but naughty elementary school student named Phil Eggtree. He is a student of Riddle School. This is a school that according to Phil, there are dozens of lockers for students but there are only seven students attending. Phil is sent to a Special Class for the Insane and being taught incorrectly math by Mr. Kahm. The reason for this situation according to Phil is because he teased another student in the regular class. This student later is revealed to be Smiley Sundae. In this special class, Phil feels so bored and tired of listening to the wrong knowledge about the mathematics of his teacher. So, he decides to escape the school. In this game, players have to help him to overcome all the obstacles and escape successfully.

With simple but interesting gameplay, well-written plot, fun puzzles, and humorous dialogues, Riddle School is really a great game to play and enjoy in free time.


In this game, your main mission is to help Phil achieve his goal using your clever thinking. In detail, you will have to interact with so many different objects in the classrooms and hallway to find out the correct items that help Phil escape successfully. In addition, trying to deceive and confuse the teacher is very necessary because, in the normal situation, they won't allow Phil to leave the classroom. Another important point is that you also need to collect the useful items and put them into your inventory. They may help you in some special situations.

In addition to Phil and Mr. Kahm, there are several other characters in this game. They are mail clerks, laborers, guard, a fat student named Chubb Munch, and Mr. Cwesschyn - the principal of Riddle Elementary School. When interacting with them, you will receive some clues, do follow these guides to escape.


  • Phil Eggtree

Phil Eggtree is the main protagonist of series Riddle School game. He is also the student at Riddle Elementary school. After teasing another student, Phil is sent to a special class. The boredom and false teaching about mathematics by teachers make him decide to escape the school. He is described as “a witty, clever, and smart child. He not only uses these traits of his to escape his school but also escapes a government-sanctioned facility, and an alien organization.

  • Smiley Eggtree

Smiley Sundae is the only female student at Riddle School (as we known). She is also revealed to be the student that is teased by Phil. She loves smiling and also loves her school.

  • Phred Whistler

Phred is the best friend of Phil. He is a lazy character and described as a person who never tries anything.

  • Zack Kelvin

Zack Kelvin is a friend of both Phil, Smiley, and Phred. He is also a student of Riddle School and often described in a state of extreme temperatures.

  • Cophey

Ms. Cophey is an old teacher of Riddle School and teaches both Phil, Phred, Smiley, and Zack. Like Mr. Kahm, she is never a smart person.

  • Kahm

Mr. Kahm is described as the dumbest teacher when always teaching students with the false fact about mathematics. He is also the teacher who responsible for the Special Class For The Insane.

  • 5

5 is a student in Riddle School. Most of the time when he appears, he is sleep.

  • 808

808 is the father of 5 as well as the janitor of Riddle Elementary School.

  • Greg Sleep

Greg Sleep is also a student at Riddle School, however, his appearance and contribution to this series games are very faint. The reason is that he sleeps throughout the series.

  • Teacher

Teacher is an unnamed old-looking, black-haired, blue-sweatered, purple-skirted, and female teacher that only appears in Riddle School 1. She is in the Teacher's Lounge and expels Phil from the office when he comes here.

  • Cwesschyn

He is the principal of Riddle Elementary School. He is a middle-aged man and the first person that Phil takes a key from the room.

How to play:

  • Use the mouse to control in this game.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Let's pay your attention to the dialogues between all characters, you can find some important clues to solve the puzzles through these dialogues.
  2. You can turn the sound on/off on the game screen.
  3. You can play this game in full-screen mode.
  4. If you get stuck, scroll down below, we have a detailed walkthrough video to help you to solve all the puzzles.

Riddle school unblocked:

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Some Frequently asked questions

Is Riddle School free?

Yes, it is! Riddle School is a free flash game and available on many different gaming sites. Most of these sites offer this game for free for users including In order to have the best experiences with this interesting game, we recommend you to play this game for free on Freegames66. On this site, we offer you with unblocked version, so you can play this game anytime you want. Moreover, with a simple and friendly interface as well as our efforts to optimize the users' experiences, Freegames66 is a trusted and convenient site for playing games.

How many Riddle School games are there?

Riddle School is a series of games including total 7 games. They are Riddle School in 2006, Riddle School 2 also released in 2006, Riddle School 3 released in 2008, Riddle School 4, and Riddle School 5 released in 2016. In addition, Riddle Transfer and Riddle Transfer 2 are two expansions of this series games.

How to beat?

In order to beat this game, you must help Phil to escape successfully the school. In order to do that, do follow this walkthrough.

Firstly, you need to escape the classroom by clicking on the sharpener.

After that, turn the right once and click on the locker right next to the fountain.

Then go pass the hall and come to the class of Ms. Cophey. Here, click on the dustbin.

Continue going out and turn the right twice and use the hall pass.

Go and turn the right twice again and use the dollar.

Go in the lounge and click on the dialogue with the content "I need to meet the Principle, I want to tell him a joke".

When the cutscene is over, let's go left until you escape school successfully.

When was Riddle School made?

This game was made in 2006.


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